Friday, June 29, 2012

where I sit

Operation Be Settled continues despite my roller coaster emotions on the subject.
My sweet Momma got me these chairs for Christmas -4 in total. They have been stored at my parent's home since then waiting for me to move to the farm. Well as we all know that has not happened. So in what I can only explain as a motherly swift-kick to the pants to encourage me to embrace where I am, my Momma had them delivered  to me last weekend.

They promptly found a place on the back porch where they will hold up well to rain and wet bathing suit bottoms and sticky Popsicle drips. 

Several times this week I have found myself sitting in one of these school chairs. writing words trying to explain all I feel, trying to work through the gap between what is reasonable to want, what I am truly grateful to have and what I cannot shake the desire for. Some of these words I have shared. Some I have tucked away till later.  
So far the only conclusion I have come to is that these chairs are darn comfortable to sit in. That and that I should probably pick out a place where that bookshelf I have stored at my parents house is gonna go before it shows up on my door step. The rest remains a mystery. 

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  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    i am not living in the place of my dreams yet, either, and relate very much to what you've shared about yearning for your farmhouse and living in/trying to sell your now-house. i wish you (and me) the best on being where we are supposed to be ... where God wants us to be. :)

    and i want to say i also really like/relate to your style of decorating. thanks for what you share here. it's all very inspiring.



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