Friday, June 08, 2012

where I am

I am at youth camp with my biggest boy.

I lived for church youth camp as a teen.
I loved working at a camp as college student.
I tell people I am going to camp for my kid, but really I think I am going for me.

I hope we are having fun.
I hope we are singing some crazy silly songs.
I hope I survive whatever wilderness adventures the leaders have planned.
I hope there are some late night giggle sessions in the girls cabins.
I hope that hearts are open and that joy abounds.
I hope my boy is having a blast.


  1. I second all those things!

    My girls grew up loving the annual Christian Ashram. What a wonderful way to raise your kids.

  2. Wonderful memories, passed down to the next generation--what on earth could be better? Have fun!

  3. Found your blog via pinterest! I loved and lived for church camp as a kid as well!!! So loved this post!


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