Thursday, June 21, 2012

we interrupt these vacation post to obsess about roofing

(all pictures from Pinterest. Click on images to find source.)

One of the things will do if we stay in this house is put a new roof on. Not right away, but eventually. Our roof is not getting any younger...

For years and years I have loved metal roofs. Specifically red metal roofs. There is just something about them that makes my little heart go all fluttery.

Driving home from Land Between the Lakes we went through a county where it seemed like almost every house had a shiny metal roof on it of some color. Big houses, little houses, medium houses. No house was left behind when the roof man came to town.

I love the look of this all white house and roof. So clean and fresh. 

All the green roofed houses looked like Green Gables. So pretty. This house looks like an hidden English Cottage from Cranford or Larkrise to Candleford minus the satellite dish.

This house and it's location are pretty dreamy as they are but man that roof just sets it off don't ya think?

This house has a black roof and looks very cottage-sophisticated. The black is a little too serious for me but it is striking against the white.

In the end however I love the red the best. A red roof is just so cherry. And apparently these suckers last forever. Low maintensce sounds perfect to me right about now, buried under laundry, still-unpacked suitcases and a honey-do-together list that seems a mile long.

So am I crazy for my metal roof love? Any of you have metal roofs?? What do you think?


  1. I want a metal roof SO bad. And mine isn't getting any younger either. I at least want metal over my porches. The rain and the roof. I can just imagine that. I love the pics of the white houses with metal roofs. I adore white houses. And grey houses. So charming!

  2. I had a metal roof on my screened in porch. The sound of the rain hitting it was pure magical! I think the thought of a red roof would be darling! Can't wait to see where your metal roof ends up. On your lovely little home now...or your farmhouse. :)

  3. I found you through Pinterest, following the like of the black tin roof cottage. Love tin roofs also. Would love a visit at my blog at
    Following you on Pinterest as well.
    Life Or Something Like It

  4. I love the sound of metal roofs, but it's wasn't the right fit for our house. We did go with green. Thx for sharing the great pics!

  5. Love a metal roof. If my house were the cottage type that is what I would have. I'll just have to settle for that metal roof over my back porch.

  6. In my family's vacation home in Hawaii, we just had to replace our metal roof. It was not a fun project! We asked some of the local residents for a recommendation for roofing companies in Hawaii and found someone great but it still made the trip for less than pleasure. Totally worth it, though, because I love how it looks.

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  8. we also wanted a new roof and a windy storm ripped it off, and it was replaced by the insurance company! now we just have to fix all of the rotten walls that we didn't know about and we'll have a new house. It's been a hard four months, with a lot of horrible surprises. Hopefully we will be able to fix it all, praying every day that God will help us. Please keep us in your prayers if you can.
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