Tuesday, June 26, 2012

tuesday's smiles -bikes for world peace

Hi y'all. I would like to introduce my new girl, Myrtle. She is my new riding pal.
Remember when I said I only liked sport-like activity in which you could where a skirt?
Well riding around on a cruiser style bike fits this category like a T. At least it does for me.

I picked Myrtle up this weekend after finding her on Craigslist for a great deal (and from another blogging home as it turns out.)
Barely used she is a vintage inspired gal with modern sensibilities. Just like me ( well I like to think...)
Which is what I need. Turns out I am not really an actual vintage bike kind of gal. I need a little more bulk than those sweet cute bikes from the 50's and 60's could provide. Turns out I am as hard on my bikes like I am on my phones and cars.

 So enter Myrtle. I dressed her up with a bell and a basket and hit the neighborhood sidewalks for a little cruisin.
 The last time I had a Huffy bike I was about seven or eight years old. She was called Pink Lightening and I loved her so very much. In fact she was the bike I learned to ride on. I can still remember my daddy running behind me across the grass on the playground of our apartment complex holding on as I peddled and then turning around and realizing I was doing it all by myself. That was a great moment.
I have only three other bikes since Pink, but I have never loved another one as much until Myrtle came along. Perhaps I am just a Huffy girl at heart.

A good sized basket is essential. I can put a water bottle, keys, cell phone and camera in mine. I could even pack a lunch if I was going far enough to warrant a picnic.While we were camping we hauled all our toiletries items and change of clothes to and from the bathhouses in a bike basket, so see they are super hand AND cute.

The more I ride my bike the more I think perhaps I am beginning to understand the sanguine natures of countries where traveling by bike is more common than cars. When you are riding a bike you can't help but still be your 10 year old self at heart.

Even now, at age 37-going-on- 38, coasting down a slow hill with the wind in my hair and the sun shimmering down through the trees is still one of the best feelings in the world. I am happy, unencumbered, alive, and very present in the moment and the moment only. It is a welcome break from the multi-tasking nature of almost every other part of my life.

Perhaps we don't need more peace talks. Perhaps we just need more bikes.


  1. I love riding bikes. I am so wanting one of those vintage style cruisers. One must wait until evening to ride hee in the summer. At noon, the temp is 99 degrees.

  2. Sounds like a GREAT idea to me:)
    Love your love for bikes! ;)
    My hubby and I bought 2 bikes very similar to this one when we first got married 2 years ago. They have since sat collecting dust in my parents garage since we live on a VERY busy street that wouldn't permit safe bike riding. But maybe we should dust those bikes off and take them to the park or something.
    What a grand inspiration.
    Thank you!

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    so happy for you!

    and i love/agree with your statements: "when you are riding a bike you can't help but still be your 10 year old self at heart" and "perhaps we don't need more peace talks. perhaps we just need more bikes". so true! thanks for sharing all that you do.


  4. hmmmmmmm, what is it about a bike dipped in the color aqua? my cruising buddy is "Betty" and she is just a dream. I learned to ride when I was seven, loved that bike so much, it's name was Freckles...oh the memories!

  5. Oh, love your cruiser bike! Such pretty colors, and the basket adds the sweetest charm! xo Heather

  6. Love your bike...especially that you put a bell on it...that is one sound that brings back many wonderful memories to me!

  7. I LOVE your bike and need to know where I can find a bike basket like that one since hubby destroyed my Martha Stewart one.


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