Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tuesday smiles - camp cooking

Camp cooking is one of those things that I have a love-hate relationship with.
I have issues lighting the propane gadgets.
I love cooking outdoors.
I hate washing the dishes in make-shift sinks or underneath water spouts.
I love fresh squash anytime I can get it.

 I love the way things taste when they have been grilled over an open fire.
 I hate the ice that melts in the coolers, reaching in to pull the hot dog package out of a pool water.
 I love the smell of a camp fire.
 I hate soot.

I love fresh fish fried up by my Sweet Man. 
Taters too.
I hate not having a good way to store the leftover fish.
I love eating the fresh tomatoes from my mother-in-laws garden and the crisp pungent raw onion.
Such delicious summer flavors.
Such a mess to clean up.

Awe, camp cooking, I love you. I am glad I do not have to cook this way everyday. 


  1. I feel the same way! It is crazy making, but always tastes so good! Maybe it is because it takes so blasted long to cook, your starving by the time it is done!

  2. I want a plate of that fish-YUM-A-LICIOUS!!!

  3. Your post brought back wonderful memories of all the fun meals Mom made when we went camping. And "washing" dishes, it's a wonder we NEVER got sick! LOL Thanks for sharing, you made me smile!

  4. Camp food is fun, and good!! xo Heather


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