Thursday, June 07, 2012

small town days- new favorites

One of the boys favorite places to go when they visit their Meme and Obi  is the Clark County Library. This little library is like something out of a movie.The building is old, the collection small but decent, the staff friendly, the floors squeaky. It actually reminds me of how I imagined the library in Where the Heart Is to be when I read the book. 

My dad has been bringing the boys here for years, but today was my first visit. Which is crazy. Especially as much as I love small libraries. I think I actually hugged one of the shelves of old books. Shhh. Don't tell.
It's kist Libraries have changed my life several times, so I have a great affinity for them. But those are stories for another day.

Besides the library Mom also took us by a new little craft shop called Craft Landing. They have a lovely little selection of papers, quilting supplies and paint-your-own pottery.

I have already picked up a few little items that I would love to go back and paint. I am thinking this would be a fun activity to do with my sisters, grandmothers, mother and aunt next time we all together. Busy hands always help to keep us out of trouble.

I hope they keep adding to their stock, I love a great little craft supply store where you can get to know the owners and form a relationship. Once upon a time I wanted to own a little craft store that was run like a candy shop or an old general store. Lots of things sold by the pound and displayed in oversized apothecary jars. New and vintage supplies mixed together. Wouldn't that be fun? Well it would be fun to visit anyway...

We also stopped by the Caddo Nursery which has grown from a small roadside plant and produce stand to a huge nursery.

Wylie spent his last little bit of cash on a tomato

I ignored the flowers and took pictures of the watering cans cause I am odd that way. Can't be helped.

And then I saw these pretties on a lovely green bench and couldn't resist.

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