Monday, June 25, 2012

make-do {and make lovely monday - summer fresh


I have one more week of full summer vacation before I go back to work. 
One more week of playing the stay-at-home momma, of taking naps and going without make-up 
for days at a time and watching old episodes of Miss Marple.
There will still be a few more days off after I start back thanks to the 4th of July, and work will not be at the full tilt because there will still be two more weeks till the kids come back, so it will be more like a slow re-entry than a full head-on collision.

To celebrate this last week of domestic bliss I am embracing my settled motto and doing a little bit of nest fluffing around here. To start I threw my trusty ole white slipcover on the sofa. Imperfectly thrown on, but good enough. Isn't that sorda the point of slipcovers anyway?

Next I hung up this vintage New England souvenir tablecloth I found at a new flea market last week.
Isn't it lovely? I got it for a steal and it is perfectly faded. I think it just brightens up the whole room and fits that huge space over the couch so well.

To hang it up, I just clipped two curtain clips to the top corners. I want to use white ones but I could only locate black ones in my junk drawer. I know I have spare white ones somewhere I will just have to dig deeper.

Even though our school break is short, summer weather and summer hours still linger into September around these parts and somehow hanging this little tablecloth up helps to remind me of that. Even thought we will soon go back to our school/work routine there will still be lots of time left for floating in the pool and eating summer salads and bike rides just before dusk. Still time to have friends over for bbq chicken dinners on the back porch and making jello-pops concoctions. Now what is more lovely than that?


  1. I love how Summer fresh looks in your house! I hope you enjoy every moment of your last week of your break.

  2. Goodness, did you guys only get 4 weeks? I was thinking ours was short b/c we have about 6 weeks left.

  3. Love your tablecloth - that's a keeper!


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