Monday, June 04, 2012

make do {and make lovely} monday -start of summer phone dump

 *Thanks for all the giveaway love! I am going to leave it up another day or so and then I will draw a winner. Also thanks to everyone's encouraging words about selling our house. I read each of your comments and I really, really appreciate all the prayers, stories and well wishes. They mean so much to me!

Here we are! Summer is here folks and I have never been more ready. I snapped this picture right before I left the school on Friday. 

Sweet Man and I started things off with a date night on Thursday.  We are members of the Arkansas Arts Center  and that means that we get to go to all the exhibit openings.  The membership fee is very reasonable and this guarantees that we have a fun date night built in once every 6 weeks or so. What could be more fun than free drinks, great art and live music? 
This weeks opening was a tribute to the Rockefeller Influence and all the ways that the Winthrop Rockefeller and his family have supported and contributed to the arts in Arkansas over the years. The theme was southern summer to the core and we enjoyed treats such as bourbon punch and caramelized bacon.

Saturday I rode my newly tunned-up bike to a cute neighborhood store. Riding my bike is one my big goals this summer - to get out and get active and to have FUN while doing so.

 I fell in love with this huge sign. It was made of metal and probably 4ft long. So cool. I love large commercial signage. Why is that?


I finally talked Sweet Man into getting a big ole inflatable pool for the backyard. I didn't get the biggest one could find - I figured we could work our way up next year if needed- but I did get one large enough to float in.

It's gonna be a rough summer for this one, can't ya tell?

Today I went to a meeting about church youth camp where I will be a counselor and Wylie a camper. I have a child old enough for youth group. Sheesh. Wasn't I just at youth camp myself?

 After being confronted with my age and mortality, I treated myself to a pedicure. It only seemed fitting.

Knowing there could be a wait on a Sunday afternoon (and there was) I took along a huge stack of reading material including the Life of Pi. Our 7th grade lit teacher at school recommended it, and althought I have barely started it and am already intrigued. Bits of it remind me of other various books and I am wondering where it is headed. Anyone else read and loved? Read and didn't love?

When I got home Wy played me a song he wrote on the mandolin today. I am so proud of him for trying something new. Sometimes it is hard for us oldest children to try new things and risk failure, so for him to step out and give something new a whirl makes this momma very proud.

Today we head to my parents for some small town  R&R and Vacation Bible School fun. But first we have to clean the house...You never know if someone will want to come take a gander at it while we are gone.

 Later taters!

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  1. I couldn't stand that book, not sure why. Everyone else seems to love it! Remember you can have my pool! :)


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