Monday, June 18, 2012

and we're back!

We did it! We went on vacation and we survived. 6 days all together, all sharing one room, one car, one table, one schedule. Course there were multiple bathrooms and beds and bikes. But still. There was room for meltdowns and disaster. 

But we had a blast. And we only got sideways a few times. And mostly when we were tired, hungry or hot or all three.

We did so many things for the first time and have made wonderful and beautiful memories.
One of our favorites is all of us in our beds reading until our eyes were too heavy to stay open. Everyone checking where the others were in their books.

I will probably be peppering bits and pieces of our trip in between my usual blogging ramblings.  There are lots of pictures to choose and edit and whittle down and thoughts to share. 

But today it is the start of day camps for the boys (Theatre for Wylie and Science for Miles) and lots and lots of laundry and sorting and unpacking for me. They were both excited and nervous to start their camps. Especially Miles. He has never participated in something like this without his brother or me right around the corner or down the hall, but I know he will do great.

I cannot wait to hear all about their days tonight at dinner. Which I need to figure out by the way...

Vacation was great but it is nice to be home, back to the land of air conditioning and dishwashers and wi-fi.  Over the rest of break I am looking forward to spending some time with good friends, enjoying our blow-up pool and finishing a few small projects and making lot of summer salads  and lemonade. Golly I love summertime.

 PS- If anyone has a party barge/pontoon they want to give us, I am pretty sure these fellows would take it.


  1. Yay for you and your family. So good to have a family summer vacation. I cherish memories of ours now that the kids are grown.Love you beautiful snapshots too.

  2. Aw, so glad you had a beautiful vacation! Looks like it was fun! Have a great week! xo Heather


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