Saturday, May 19, 2012

weekend send-off of random bits and pieces

Here are some random bits and pieces, some goings-ons if you will.

My sister Jemimah (who currently lives in Montana) is back in Arkansas for a few days. As soon as I press publish on this post the boys and I are off to my parents to visit her. I cannot wait. I wish we could stay there for a whole week. This is a bag I got from her (she is a Thirty-One consultant.) It is huge. I love it. I think I could carry a small child in there if needed.

I am sad to leave Maizy for the weekend,  but she will be here with Sweet Man. I am so ridiculousley attached to this dog. Someone should probably intervene.

Speaking of leaving Maizy, we booked our family vacation this week. We are going to Land Between the Lakes for almost a whole week. We wanted to go someplace new but someplace low-tech. We thought about big cities  but decided instead that what we needed was mellow, simple, off the grid.  I cannot wait. If you know of any good flea market stops between Little Rock and Puducah, Kentucky let me know!

This is my baby brother Joshua. The only boy in our family, he is a bit of a super-star. He also got the great cheekbones and metabolism. Dork.
He his an amazing artist and masseuse. For Mother's Day I got the full spa massage treatment from him. Including hot stones. Amazing is all I can say.
 If you living in Central Arkansas and need a masseuse that will make house calls he is your man. Also ladies, yes he is single.

Other good stuff happening around these parts:
I turned the book edits in - next comes the artwork/picture phase
We are having an open house this sunday (praying for the perfect buyers who will love this home like we have.) 
School is out in 2 weeks
I have a date with P. Allen Smith coming up
If you don't already, you should be reading this blog

OK time to hit the road. Much love!



  1. Those bags are awesome! I love the pattern. Enjoy your time with family :)

  2. Great bag!! Have a wonderful time with your family!! xo Heather

  3. what kind of book are you writing?

    p.s. on your smoothies, throw in some fresh spinach. it sounds so weird but you can't taste it.

  4. We love to go to LBL! Please do not miss the Homeplace. I think you would absolutely adore it!


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