Friday, May 25, 2012

soy joy pt 3 - a recipe for perfection

Recently I was invited to P. Allen Smiths farm to take part in Bean2Blog day which was sponsored by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. and was hosted by P. Allen.  The day was beautiful and educational and it is taking me forever to tell all about it. If you want you can read  Part 1 and Part 2  of my Soy Joy experience. 


Like everything at P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm, the kitchen was beautiful and perfect and lovely. And somehow I never got a full pictures of it. While editing my photo's I realized that in general I choose to snap shots of the bits and pieces instead of the larger story. I bet there is a metaphor in there somewhere, but it is the weekend so I am not going to think about it too hard. Anyway, you will see below that I concentrated more on the details. But luckily for me - and you! - I was with 19 other bloggers all snapping away. I think Cara's pictures are some of the best of the house so far and you should  go take a look if you want to see the large full room picture.  

as to the details, here are a few of  my favorites:

Layers of texture;
Of course I was in love with the painted shaker cabinets and the marble counter-tops from the word hello.  But then I noticed all the other layers, all the textures. Look at the back-splash behind the ceramic roster you will notice the wainscoting is vertical. However if you look above the cabinet you will notice the walls are a horizontal wood paneling. And the ceiling is a painted wood slats with thick simple moldings around the ceiling and windows. 

User Friendly;
Here is the sink. Again notice the marble splash guard and then the horizontal painted wood paneling. 
Also there were a few dirty dishes in the sink. Adorable. And the window ledge right above the sink letting in the beautiful morning light. The perfect place to set some tomatoes to ripen or a coffee cup while you wash up the breakfast dishes. 

The pot and pan storage below is also another example of something user friendly. Instead of craming pots and pans into the back of deep counters, this shelf was built more shallow to allow for only row of pots per shelf. This way all the pots are seen and used and there is less wasted space.

Perfect Imperfection;
There were several places in the kitchen that had open shelving and most of them were crammed full of cookbooks. Notice how they are not in any order? They are not stacked according to height or spine color? They aren't even facing the same way. I love this. This means this kitchen is not just for show. It gets used . A lot. 

No Detail Too Small;
You know that my little artsy designery heart just adored how thorough every detail had been thought out and executed. Like the cabinet hardware: Simple, timeless, clean. Not fussy, not over the top. Perfectly at home in a farmhouse kitchen.

Consistency vs. Trendy;
The trendy thing to do would be to have an all stainless oven and stove. But how authentic would that have looked? Enamel over cast-iron ovens came before stainless, and so this Viking oven with the white front and knobs flows right in line with this house, built out of inspiration for a 200 year old farmhouse. The white is softer and more consistent with the style of house and  decor. Golly I love that.

I think it would be a shame to show you this beautiful kitchen without giving you something yummy to take away with you, so I thought I would share this Edamame dish that P.Allen made for us on Tuesday:
(Where it says soybeans we used frozen edamame in the pods) 

This is what it looks like cooked. We each tried just a few, but I could have eaten the whole bowl by myself. So, so yummy. If you try this let me know. I don't have a Wok so I may try it in a regular pan. Let me know if you have made this and how, you know I love a good tip!


  1. Ha! All I have are detail shots and I was thinking the same deep thoughts as you. Also, muy impressed you are on blog post 3. I've yet to do one of substance. sigh. My city life is way crunching into my farm life. cheers, friend.

  2. Thanks for the photo shout out friend! Have a happy weekend!


  3. Beautiful kitchen!! Love the stove, and the sink!! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  4. Wow! Dream Kitchen! All of the details are not only practical, but Gorgeous!

  5. What a lovely kitchen, thank you for sharing your sweet time with us!!

    : )

    Julie M.


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