Thursday, May 24, 2012

soy joy pt 2 - muckin around the true love tree

CountryOutfitter brought me these women's Muck boots to wear to #Bean2Blog at P. Allen's farm. Opinions are my own.

See these boots? These are Muck boots.  Specifically they are Chores.
And they are amazing. 
And I am not just saying that.
I really am head-over-heels in love with these boots.

The only thing not 100% amazing is that I didn't wear tall enough socks and so by the end of the day (after wearing them and doing a lot of walking over 10 hours) I had little rubbed raw places on the back of my legs  between my ankle and my calf  (Ya know, in leg never-never land.)
But had I tucked my jeans in these boots or worn taller socks or tights I am confident all would have been well. Alas, I chose instead for the rolled jean look and suffered for fashion.

Country Outfitters was incredibly generous (thanks to Stephanie's ingenuity) to give each of the bloggers at Bean2Blog a pair of boots to tromp around P. Allen's farm in (You can see some great pictures on the Bean2Blog pinterest board). It was great fun to see what styles each blogger chose and how they paired those boots with their outfits. While most of the gals chose from the cowboy Ariat line I went with the Mucks because a) I was afraid the Ariats would not fit my large calves and the Mucks are stretchy and b) I figured when I get my farm the Mucks would come in much handier.

Well I was wrong and right.  Turns out that Ariats are very large-calf friendly. I had the chance to try on several styles over the weekend and I can personally attest to the comfort and fit of the Fatbaby and ProBaby Lines for the larger calved gal. If you are built like me this is GREAT news and you understand what I am telling you on a deep and meaningful level. Can I get an amen? So I was happily wrong about the Ariats.

And I was happily right about the Mucks. The Mucks are wonderful for mucking around. Yesterday I stepped in every mucky spot I could find and I had fantasies all day of running through the creek at our farm. Our someday farm.

And I couldn't wait to show them off to this fella. This fella who shares this someday farm dream with me. Who cheers me on in all my dreams (well all the ones I tell him about... )Who make me laugh, who keeps  me up way too late, who tries to woo me with basketball trivia and tidbits despite my obvious disinterest, who loves me truly. This fella, who I have been married to for 15 years today, is one of a kind and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life muckin around with him in the city, in the country, in forever. 

Happy Anniversary Sweet Man. I love you.


  1. Happy 15th Anniversary!! Hope you both have a lovely day celebrating!! xo Heather

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    We are BIG muck fans at our house too. My hubby swears by the chore boots. And I myself have a pair of the chore and the Ariat- Fat Babys. I am a larger girl and LOVE my Ariats :) Still hoping that someday soon your farm dream will become real!

  3. Ah, Happy Anniversary! I love that y'all want a farm, it is soooo much fun. And just because I am random, did I hear you say your husband was from Bismarck? Cause that is where we live! Small world!

  4. Happy anniversary!!

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary. Ours was this week, too! Memorial Day Weekend wedding?


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