Wednesday, May 23, 2012

soy joy pt. 1

Yep. This happened.
That's me, next to P. Allen Smith.
On the other side is my pal Alison and the wonderful Jim Carroll.

Yesterday we were at Smiths amazingly gorgeous Moss Mountain Farm for a whole day learning all about the benefits of the soy bean, which is a staple product of Arkansas farming.  But the Wonders of Soy  is just the tip of the iceberg. 
Having Alison to carpool and pal around with made the day that much more fun. We have not been able to visit for more than a few moments here and there in far too long and getting to spend a whole day with her was fantastic, uplifting and good for the soul.

 Also she has the best facial expressions ever. Seriously.I cracked up all day.
 And yes, that is an amazing soaking tub on P. Allen's Sleeping Porch.  Can you imagine? It was dreamy.

I know the whole Bean2Blog experience would have been delightful no matter what, but like most everything, Bean2Blog was better because I was with a good friend.
It was a lovely and delightful day.

As you can imagine a whole day at P. Allen Smiths farm cannot be summed up in one post.
So stay tuned.... you won't believe the house, the boots, the soy milk maker, the lunch, more about the sleeping porch, the kids room, the chickens, the gardens.... I promise you won't want to miss it!


  1. So glad to have met you and Alison! Thanks for coming out to join us for Bean2Blog. - Mary Ellen

  2. I am SO jealous!!! I can't wait til I can visit his amazing farm!

  3. So. Much. Fun!

    Thanks a million for your kind words and for getting us there and back. (I would have been driving for days trying to find it!)

    It was a dreamy day. Let's do it again soon!



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