Friday, May 18, 2012

smooth-ie sailing

I have never been a smoothie girl. I don't know why. I think it has to do with my general dislike of most yogurts and my association of smoothies with yogurt. But during a recent cold I found myself craving something smoothie-esque. And so I tried one. And I loved it. And a new obsession was born.

Course now I want to master smoothie making at home. My first attempt wasn't half bad. Some frozen bananas, strawberries and raspberries mixed with all natural raspberry lemonade, a dash of sugar and blended it all up.

Miles seemed to like it.

Until he got a brain freeze.

That part wasn't his favorite.
But it didn't stop him from drinking to cups full anyway.

To make our smoothies I used a regular blender. I have noticed there are lots of smoothie making gadgets out on the market. Anybody tried them? Are they better than a regular run of the mill blender? Do I really need another gadget? These are not questions that keep me up at night but I do wonder...

I am hoping that these smoothies will bring us some smooth sailing around these parts. The first 6 months of 2012 have been rather choppy and we could uses some smoother waters. Or at least  smoothie-r beverages in shades of pink. That's gotta be a good start right?


  1. I just recently got one of the Magic Bullet's at Costco for only $29! We have a hometrend or something like that brand from JCPenneys my folks got my teenager for his birthday last year. It worked ok, never seemed to crush up the ice all the way. I love in the hot summer blending up my coffee, creamer and some ice-YUMMO!!!:) Have seen some yummy looking smoothie recipes on pinterst, lots with spinach thrown in, you get all the benefits of the vitamins but don't have to taste it, grat for those of who dislike spinach!

  2. Your smoothie looks yummy!! What great photos of Miles!! So sweet!! I have a immersion blender, that I use. Less to clean up with it! Hope you have a blessed weekend! xo Heather


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