Thursday, May 31, 2012

brady lee's nutty pasta

 Every now and then I plan out dinner. Mostly, I throw it together with what we have on hand. Generally it turns out pretty good. This was one of those dishes.

When Lilly and Brady come over it is generally Lilly that ends up in the kitchen with me while Brady is outside with the boys playing their elaborate and made-up games. But on this day Lilly was asleep on the couch due to a long school-day at the water park and Brady was up for a new challenge. So cook we did.

First we brushed some pine nuts with olive oil and then roasted them in the toaster oven. 

Well, okay, first we burnt them and THEN we roasted a batch. Whoops. Gotta watch those pine nuts, they are fast cooking nuts. 

(I am not gonna lie. I ate a good bit of those overcooked pine nuts. I may have a weird affinity for burnt food. Don't judge.)

Next we sauteed (over low heat in an iron skillet) a bunch of mushrooms, purple onions and pressed garlic. We cooked them in a mixture of olive oil spray and butter (Probably a lot of butter, but I am not sure because I tend to block my butter use out.)  When the mushrooms were close to being ready I threw in some turkey kielbasa sausage and cooked till good and warm.

At the same time this was going on, we also boiled some water and cooked up a generous portion of angel hair pasta, adding a bit of the pasta water to our mushroom & sausage mixture while it sauteed. (I am not sure how much of a difference it made to the dish,  but I felt as if the Food Network should be calling me at any moment to book a show.)

When the pasta was ready we drained it and then threw it into the pan, letting it soak up all the yummy pan juices, and Brady stirred it all together with the mushrooms & sausage.

After everything was well mixed, I tossed it all into a large serving bowl and topped it off with a healthy helping of feta cheese, salt and those roasted pine nuts. Oh my. So, so yummy if I do say so myself, and since there were zero leftovers I am guessing everything else thought it was yummy too.  


  1. Yum. I love pine nuts- even the burned ones!

  2. So yummy!! Thanks for sharing!! Pine nuts are so great in pastas! Happy Weekend! xo Heather

  3. Melissa5:23 PM

    I made this tonight. I had some kale I needed to use so I threw it in too. It was WONDERFUL!!


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