Wednesday, May 30, 2012

all wet

Even though we still had one week of school to go this past weekend was absolutely the best intro to our summer we could have wished for. We got to spend Saturday and Monday with our best pals and we got to stay wet for a better part of the weekend. Always a good thing for me and my water babies.

 This one here is my twin when it comes to swimming. We both could stay in a pool 8 hours a day, no problem.

This one here is almost as hardcore. I remember taking him swimming when he was only a few weeks old and watching him float with only one of Sweet Mans finger holding him up. Where did that baby go?  Almost 12 years old this one. Cheez and wiz. 7th grade next year. That is almost grown. I. Am. Not. Ready.
He had the same literacy teacher in 4th and 6th grade and she is moving schools after this year. Today I hugged her neck and balled like a baby. She took such good care of Wy when he was the new kid at school and has always been so supportive of him and his interest.  We will miss her so much, but I think perhaps I was crying a bit for myself as well. My baby will be a man all too soon.

This weekend we swam in big pools and little pools and pretty much both were wonderful. In fact I think I am going to get one of those huge blow-up pools so that I can float around on a raft and read. It may not be high-class but honey child I will love it so much. Any pool is better than no pool.

Don't Sweet Man and I make cute kids?

And they are interesting and smart. Course I am prejudice I know. But I enjoy my boys so much. The older they get the more fun we have. 

This weekend we also had 3 showings on the house but no offers. I have to confess I am losing heart a bit. I know I shouldn't, but I am. Anyone have any peppy words of encouragement for me?   The house has been sale for almost 6 months and while I know that is a drop in the bucket these days it feels like forever. I am trying to let it go and move into the summer with no expectations. My goal is to enjoy our break fully. To not worry myself or work myself to exhaustion with extra projects. To not fret about those things I cannot control.  I just want to be with my boys, not over-think things, read and relax. But oy vey, those showings always throw me for a bit of a loop.

Maizy got all wet this weekend too. Course she wasn't quite as excited about it as we were, but oh la she is so pretty and fluffy now. Sweet girl. I love this dog something crazy. It is truly ridiculous.


  1. christen byrd9:54 PM

    i share the same feelings about swimming. i could stay in there all day. we got a "middle" size pool for the kids this summer. you guys really should come over and swim! i would love it!

  2. Looks like you all had such a wonderful time!! Love the strawberry towel!! So cute! Have a great day! xo Heather

  3. Precious memories with precious boys! Savour them, Mommy!

  4. we've got our ghetto-fabulous pool up and LOVE IT. plant enough pink wave petunias, hang some globe lights from targe' and it's all good!

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Hi Jerusalem, I have peppy words of wisdom/encouragement for you!! Years ago (about 16) my sister had her house up for sale. It was a dollhouse! The decorating was spot on, the location spot on, the price spot on. Actually we thought the price was too low and the location was so hot, there were homes selling on the 1st day. We all could not understand it. But we kept praying for them and waiting. One day about a year later that offer came in-- that was okay with them--they accepted it. They went looking for a home and COULD NOT FIND ONE! She cried and she cried and just could not understand it. This is where the "whys" came into play. Why couldn't I buy that cute home I wanted 6 mo. ago. Why can't I find a home I like now...etc. So they looked "out". Which wasn't so popular back 16 years ago. They bought a home an hour away from her husbands job, and an hour away from our church, etc. They have lived there for all of this time, the past 16+ years. I asked her not too long ago, "Do you ever want to move?" She replied "No I will die here. This is my home" She bought her home the 1st weekend it was up for sale, if the timing hadn't been right, she would have missed this house. So all of the waiting was in God's timing! I know you know that, but just thought you needed to hear a happy ending! It will come for you too!! She is responsible for all of us moving an hour out in the country! We all followed the same year. God's plans are bigger than our little minds can handle. We have all traveled an hour to jobs, and our church,etc. for 16 years and we love it. ( 4 sisters and husbands, and Mom) It was all because of her home and God's plan! Have Faith it will come! Jodi

  6. I made a total fool out of myself on the last day of school trying to tell Emma's science teacher how much she meant to her this year. Here is the lesson I should have already learned by now, don't go anywhere near the school on the last day. I am too emotionally unbalanced. Clearly. Your boys are dolls. Makes me want a little man around here.

    As for the house stuff, all I've got to say is, you never know what's around the corner. It can all change in a moment.

  7. Hi Jerusalem!
    Hang in there dear waiting for the sale of your home. From what you have shown is darling! Believe with all your heart that God is working out the details for you in His timing and He is the best realtor!!! We will be putting our home on the market this October. So, I may ned the same pep talk myself around that time. Ok? :)
    Your weekend looked fantastic. And yes, you and your hubby do make cute boys! Your dog is a sweetie as well. Have a good Friday! :)

  8. Our house took a year to sell (12 yrs. ago)-We missed the house (the only house hubby and I agreed upon) by two months! We could NOT find another house we loved. We were going to make an offer on a house that was just OK--it had been for sale for over a yr., but the night before we were going to make the offer it sold. Later we were so glad that didn't work out because the teenager next door murdered his mom and her boyfriend and they were in that house over a week! It would have totally creeped me out to look out my window at that house! We did get a great deal on a two story farmhouse that STILL needs a lot of work, and we still regret losing that first house, but there must be a reason! Now we are looking to downsize in a couple of years! Praying it all works out for you--but sometimes we are "protected" from buying the wrong place.


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