Thursday, April 26, 2012

sticking my big toe in the lake of plans

So here and there, now and then, I plan things for the Farm.
I pin things. I google things. I diddle around with idea boards.
I stalk craigslist like nobodies business. I just can't help myself.
I love to dream and plan. Here are a few of my current conquest/ideas...

I bought this sink (minus the cabinet) off Craigslist.
It is delicious.
It weighs a ton.
I bought it for the Farm House.
I really hope I get to use it.

Now I am trolling Craigslist for a good looking futon for the boys room. Or a bunk bed/futon combo, though I think I would like to build a loft and put a futon under it. I think that would be sturdier, more durable.
My feeling is also that with a futon you get what you pay for comfort wise.
I see this futon growing with Wylie and taking him to college.
This is the reason I am using to justify purchasing the one above from Ikea.
Which is about 5 times more expensive than one on Craigslist and about twice as much as I would like to spend. But oh my, it is good looking and it looks sturdy..
Anyone have futon experience? Advice?

(apartment therapy)

The other thing I am hunting is a claw-foot tub on the smaller side (space issues you see.)
One whose outside I can paint.
At least that is what I am thinking at the moment..
Anyone ever paint a tub before? Of any kind?
Thoughts? Tips? 


  1. I love claw-foot tubs!! So fun!! I would even love one for my outside area to fill with flowers!!! ;) xo Heather

  2. I bought my tub refurbised from a place that does it, but the man there told me you just paint the outside with regular latex paint. I passed that info along to a girlfriend who moved herself to the country this year and she did just that and it worked out fine. If you buy one without having it refurbed just make sure the holes where the plumbing go are NOT rusty!

    Now, my turn. Are you hosting a blogger blog on your own dot com? I can't remember what your blog addy used to be? I am desperate to get away from blogger now that they have changed the platform and are charging me per month to host my photos. Advice? My kids whole lives are on that darn blog and I am getting nervous with all the crap google is pulling.

  3. can't wait to see you farm all dolled up!! One quirk that drives me nuts about my sons loft bed, changing the sheets is a nightmare!! His is only about 4ft off the ground, I can't imagine if it was one of those really high ones!! By the time they can change the sheets themselves they are too tall for the bed, lol!!!

  4. My first apartment with roomates we had a futon. It was great! We loved it. Was an easy place to fold out if we had guests and if the cover gets dirty, you wash it! Loved it! Although be warned. Putting the cover back on a futon makes a girl REAL sweaty and a lot of huffing and puffy when done by yourself! Ha!

  5. I love your sink with the drainboard. I have wanted one of these for ages. Lucky you to find one on Craigs list.


  6. Oh my gosh, it's all so exciting! I'm happily waiting for an update!


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