Saturday, April 07, 2012

saturday randomness-easter colored phone dump

Today we go to my Maw's house. 
I adore her home, it is my sanctuary and always has been and I cannot wait to get there. To be offline and off work and off worry. I cannot wait to see my mom, my aunt, my brother and whomever else might show up. We will most likely dye some eggs and cook some food and get gussied up for church and take naps, just like always. To kick things off I thought I would show some snapshots from the ole phone in all their Easter colored hues.

My new down comforter. I snagged this at an estate sale minutes before it closed for a great price.
I don't think it had ever been used and boy is it fluffy. Like whipped icing or a bag of cotton balls. In the winter I will put it in a proper duvet cover, but I think for the summer I will leave it naked and white.

We had a house showing yesterday right after school.
We came home in time to run around like crazy people and get everything straightened, meeting the realtor on our way to the car, worn out.
When we got back home after a trip to the vet and then Sonic, I plopped down on top of my new fluffy spread and snapped this photo of the afternoon light. This house has the best afternoon light. That is one  of the things I will miss.

Maizy had her first trip to the vet and looks like a totally different dog post shave. 
She is so pretty and clean and white. So white she almost blends into the furniture. She did great but they said it took 2 of them almost the entire day to get her completely cleaned up! Poor gal was a hot mess. We still have to get her spayed, but the shave and all the shots just about broke the bank, so we will just put a chastity belt on her and keep her locked up till then.

When we move (faith that we will!) another one of the things I will miss most about our neighborhood is all the great trash I find and my neighborhood friends who will pick up that trash for me if I run out of time.  Like these great storage ottomans. How cute are they? And how lucky am I to have friends who will snag them for me? Thanks Dan and Sarah!

Have you ever made a jello cake? Have you ever made one with 8 flavors? Well I have.
And it was good. I will remake soon and take great after pics. Pinkie promise. But for now I have to go to Grandmother's house.


  1. I have looked over much of your blog (fab btw) for information about those great chairs with what appears to be chenille bedspread fabric. Do you have a post about them or could you possibly let me know if you covered them or had them done - thanks so much Nancy LeB in NS ps - the dog looks great - must be so happy!

  2. LOve your pink wardrobe closet!! Beautiful!! Maizy looks so cute with her new hairdo!! Have a great Easter weekend!! xo Heather

  3. I am loving the home decor and I swoon over the new down comforter. Nothing reminds me of my grandma more than that. She has one on every bed, just perfect for those cold Chicago nights.
    And I must say I'm excitedly awaiting for the jello cake recipe. Looks awesome!
    Will be praying about the house situation too!


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