Tuesday, April 24, 2012

random tuesday smiles-only the good stories

About a month ago I had the amazing honor of officiating the wedding of some dear friends.
We have known Jess and her family since we were next door neighbors a decade ago.
Back then we had babies and were stay-at-home momma's trading recipes and laundry tips.
Now our oldest babies are in Middle School together and our youngest ones aren't far behind.

 Watching Jess resist and then relent to God's great redeeming love through the gift of Jerry's affection, affirmations and true-heart  has been beautiful. They are precious together and so was the day.

Recently I told a friend (whose wedding a help perform last winter) that helping two people and their families walk through this process is such a great honor and responsibility that I will only sign up for the journey if it is a good story.
And Jess & Jerry, well they are a great story.


  1. What a beautiful post and story!! They look extremely happy together and blessed!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  2. Don't they look so happy together and I just love his hat....
    Nearly weekend so enjoy.
    Beverley xx


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