Monday, April 30, 2012

make do {and make lovely} monday-the unexpected

There is a Peony bush at the farm.
A peony bush. In Arkansas. 
This is not common. 
It is totally unexpected.
And beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

I got a cold this weekend. I spent most of the weekend in bed under my fluffy down comforter with my sleep mask securely in place, snoozing away. Sleep is the only way I heal. Some people need to power through, I need rest. Rest and liquids. Lots of both.
I have to admit, I sorda liked the reprieve from my to-do list.

I now spend a chunk of my days at work in what we call "The Book Room." Sort of a small lending library, partially a resource room for teachers.  I found this vase/jug and thought it would be the perfect thing to hold fresh flowers in. I think it rounds out my little unexpected desk-set nicely, don't you?


  1. I owe you an email. I have a cold too. Right now, but can't sleep and hating that because I need it. It's a sneezing cold too which is just sooo annoying!!!

    How ARE you????

  2. Hope you are feeling better. I am in similar circumstances and even had to go to urgent care last night. And I agree. Sleep and fluids are all that get me through.

  3. Your farm in Arkansas???????? Can this be???? Both you and I live in Arkansas? Where o where Jerusalem do you live? :) I love this post. :)

  4. I like colds because it means I can take some Nyquil!! LOL

  5. Hope you feel better!! Sleep, and good nutrition will help you get better, and prayer! Have a blessed week!! Those Peonies are beautiful!! xo Heather

  6. We had peony bushes in our yard, I think, when I was growing up. I'm originally from MA. I remember how gorgeous they smelled after the rains.


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