Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wordy Wednesday-these two, the word is two

After much consideration and ferocious debating it was unanimously concluded that we need a little lightening up around this place. And I don't just mean the cabinets.
So let me introduce you to Twiddle Dum and Tiddle Dee. The wonder un-twin twins. AKA Miles and Brady.

Brady and her big sister Lilly are family friends. We call them our cousins. Even though there is no blood linking us there is enough love, tears and time to call them family and so we do.
Lilly and Brady spend several afternoons and evenings with us each week and it is funny to watch all the dynamics between the kids when there are four instead of two, especially because they are perfectly stair-stepped. Lilly-Wylie-Brady-Miles. 

I never know day to day who is going to pair up with whom. They all shift and change who they play with, who is getting along, who is frustrated, who is tired, who is wired.
On this day Miles and Brady had paired up. Sick of being bossed by the bigger kids, they had come into the kitchen to hang out with me and eat their snack.
Their relationship never ceases  to crack me up. Mr. Serious- but -Whimsical Miles and Miss Silly-but-Literal Brady make a funny pair. I love to watch them argue and joke. I love how Miles can confound Brady with his strong affinity for magical creatures and how Brady can blow Miles mind with her ability to laugh no matter what. Watching him teach her how to spot our  House Brownie through his seeing stone, or listening to her lead him to the silver lining in any situation always makes me smile.

I love that these two have the shared language of being the youngest in a sibling pair, that they are learning to prefer each other over themselves (at times very very slowly, but still) that they alwaus have an alley in the pack, and they have the ability to comfort each other with laughter and silliness and whimsy, just when it is needed most.

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    I'm so excited that I found your blog!!! It is wonderful.


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