Saturday, March 17, 2012

saturday randomness

It's Saturday. Our first Saturday without Chloe girl.
I do OK until I am editing pictures and I stumble across one of her recently.
And then come the waterworks full force.
Guess that is just how it will be for a while.

Thank goodness for great friends who come and distract me for hours, who make me laugh, who understand. And thank goodness for the chickens. The silly, silly chickens. 
They look so serious but really they are so silly. 
They try to eat my toes, and that too makes me laugh.

Have I ever shown you their coop?
Well this is it. Isn't it great? Sweet Man built it out of reclaimed materials (for the most part.)
It needs a good coat of paint to make it all more uniform, but the gals don't seem to mind, and we have pretty much abandoned putting anymore time into since we started getting the house ready to sell.
Maybe if we run out of things to do around here I will take it on.
What color do you think?

Speaking of getting the house ready, I replaced my homespun lampshade in the dining room with this one from Hobby Lobby. I think it looks good and neutral, but still has some charm, and goes with the house.

I have been packing in faith and most of my cookbooks have found their way into boxes, but these were the ones I just couldn't pack up yet.
I loved how they looked with the evening light coming in through the kitchen curtains.

I think maybe I am acclimated to Daylight Spending Time (as Miles calls it) finally.
What about you? 


  1. Hi Jerusalem.
    Your chicken coop is adorable and if it were mine, it would be a sun shiny yellow. When I had to get a house ready to sell, I had to pack up every little bit of personality from the house to "stage" it. It was so sad to see what looked to me as a sterile house. Maybe one could now easily imagine themselves living there, but it really bugged me that all of my collections, pictures, and coziness were not where I could see it but instead boxed up and ready to go. Good luck to you in getting your house sold soon.


  2. Hi Jerusalem,
    So sorry to hear about your pup, Chloe, it is so very hard to lose a beloved pet.
    Your chicken coop is just wonderful! I suppose I would paint it white since some of the elements are already white. It would look great in a barn red too!
    It must be so hard to pack away all the fun from your house, but I understand that's how it goes in the selling game. Have you found a farmhouse to buy?

  3. That shade is adorable. I love the {button?} detailing on it.
    Id love a little coop like that...painted red like a little barn?


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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