Saturday, March 31, 2012

saturday randomness - phone dump

This is Ella. She is Wylie's favorite chicken and the most docile. The kids played a trick on me and said that she got up here on her own. Not so much. Silly kids.

We spend last weekend and part of this week scraping paint off our house and wooden windows.
Not  because we wanted to mind you. You know I like some peely paint, but apparently the Federal government doesn't (what unimaginative grumps!) If someone is going to buy our house with an FHA loan (and chances are good they will) then we have to scrape and paint all flaky paint.
Boo. So that is where we are at.

I reaarranged the boys room and moved out their desk for a more "spacious" look.
Of course now they just have more floor space to completely cover with Lego's and socks.

This child loves water and rain. He loves to swing and he loves to create gigantic mud holes that he fills with water and then calls them things like Miles Sea. 
We have GOT to move to the country. Stat.

Here Wylie is holding one of the baby goats at Darley Farm. So precious!

On April 18 this blog will be 6 years old. I took this photo early on, within a month or so of starting this little experiment. 

I took this photo this week. 
So much has changed in 6 years. 
So much is the same.
If I had told myself then what all lay ahead I might have slapped myself and committed me to a psych unit. I wonder if I would have been less anxious about so many things if I had just known what was coming? I wonder if I can have the faith to believe that the same will be true in another 6 years and I should just settle down and enjoy the journey?
I hope so.


  1. Oh, I hate that you have to scrap off that wonderful peeling paint. Great shot though. They just don't understand what great photo shoots and art peeling paint is. I decided yesterday to imagine if I only had 2 more days to live would I worry about where I'm going to be in a month or two? Yes to your question, try to enjoy your journey and just be. Happy Saturday to you.

  2. What fun photos! Love the chicken trick! :) Hope you have a most lovely weekend!! xo Heather

  3. Love the pink toe nails and matching drink.... enjoy your life journey and stop worrying I know easier said than done, right!. if you go to my face book you will fined two lovely sayings that you may like to take to heart. I put them on for my daughter who is such a worry bucket they may make you smile. find via my shop link. or just put in Beverley Holland and you shuld find me.
    I am off on holiday tonight or should I say early morning with my daughter having a mother daughter bonding so I hope when we next meet in blog land you have some more lovely photos for me.
    Take care, keep safe, well and happy.
    Beverley xx

  4. Oh Ella! Hilarious! She looks quite long-suffering.
    I'm praying you are able to get to the country soon too!

  5. "Enjoying the journey" said so much there. So many times I just want to rush right on thru to the next thing.
    Booo, on the peeling & painting... that's no fun. It'll all be worth it soon after it sells though.:)

  6. Haha our house is not even for sale and I need to scrape & paint!
    I have learned a lot from you about putting a house on the market.....all the prep work etc.
    Hang in there and here's to boys & mud puddles


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