Monday, March 05, 2012

make do {and make lovely} mondays-the kitchen

Happy Monday friends!
Welcome to our happy kitchen quick make-over re-do.

The things we have done in this room so far are these:
Painted the cabinets (Panda White from Sherwin Williams)
Painted the walls  (Brambly Bay also from SW)
Finished (after 8 years!) and painted the quarter round at the bottom of the trim.
Hung new curtains (Red Buffalo Check from our local Wal-Mart fabric section)
Packed up a bunch of stuff.

 It was a little hard to paint over my green cabinets, I have to admit. For days the boys would walk through and say "I miss the green" or "I liked the red (stove cabinet) better" and I would say "I know. Me too, me too." I love white cabinets in general, but for some reason I always felt these looked best with color. But now I have to admit they look pretty lovely and ladylike in their new duds as well.

The truth is, as much as we loved our colorful kitchen it did need some sprucing up after 8 years of hard living, and we figured we might as well go white and bright for the sake of potential buyers.
I think we made the right decision.

I haven't hung any artwork back on the walls so things do feel a little empty, a little bare.
But I don't want to clutter up the space when have worked so hard to create a more neutral (for us) look. 

We even painted the vent-a-hood (which was black.) It is amazing to me how much smaller it looks now. As much as I know about color and space and perception of color and space, every now and then I am still shocked by the difference one or two coats of paint can make.

The colors flow nicely now between the living room, dining room and kitchen. They are all in the same color pallet and it has created a lighter, airier, brighter feel. I think this kitchen wall color is my favorite so far out of all the colors we have used. I think it will be finding it's way into the farmhouse for sure...

Speaking of moving.... 
This week we are in a holding pattern. We think that we have possible interested buyers but they need some time to get their numbers together etc.
I am trying hard not to put too much stock into this possibility.
I keep imagining the Buyer and God as pin-cushion dolls. I have to keep taking the pins, which represent my hope, out of the Buyer Doll (who looks a lot like a business man)  and putting them into the God doll (who for some reason looks a lot like The Dude.)  I know, odd image but there ya have it. It is what it is.
 I don't want to put my hope in the buyer. I want instead for my hope to lie with the one who loves me. Who cares for the birds in the field and the leaves on the trees and for my little family.  
So I will keep moving those pins, and packing up knick-knacks and praying that whatever is best will be. 


  1. A good way to think for sure!! I am trying to get my thinking in line today due to a little setback. Thanks for the reminder and I will hope for your house to sell. Love those curtains by the way!

  2. Love it but I liked your bright colors alot. The stove looks so different! I need to get busy doing this...

  3. Love it even more with the beautiful daylight streaming in.
    And yes, always in God, always.

  4. what a darling cottage kitchen - so fresh and happy!

    new linky party opening up! c'mon by & play if you'd like!

  5. love these colors as well as your makes sense to go neutral and light for buyers. wishing you the best on your home selling!

  6. And I will say a few prayer thoughts over your family 'If more than two come together in my name....) and together we will get you that buyer - pity it could not be me as I love your home but living in the UK it just 'aint viable' :)
    Take care, keep safe, well and happy.
    Beverley xx (UK)

  7. Penny8:19 AM

    Funny story - was at our closest US base here in England last week and saw your kitchen on the cover of "Vintage Style" magazine - Premiere issue. I grabbed it off the magazine shelf and exclaimed to my kids, "This is Ms. Jemimiah's sister's dining room!" They looked at me like I had four heads and asked, "How would "you" know what Ms. Jemimah's sister's dining room looks like?!" LOL!! I have always LOVED your use of color throughout your home - so cheery!

    On a side note, I've been trying for months to email you regarding the book giveaway from months ago. I am guessing the email address I have for you is no longer valid. My email is: if you can email when it's convenient to make arrangements for delivery of the book. :) Penny

    Thanks! And that was your dining room, right? :)

  8. Looks Great!! Now I'm off to hunt your blog for what it looked like before :)
    Fingers Crossed for you on your house selling soon!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog via your Swell duvet/curtains on Pinterest and girl, I LOVE your style. I've debated cutting into my Swell duvet for years but haven't been able to bring myself to do it......maybe today. Also, I have old bluish kitchen utensils sitting in a bag to donate to Goodwill.....same as the ones you have displayed in your kitchen window....I bought them cuz I loved them, but didn't ever use them, but you have inspited me to find a way to display them:) Such a happy home:) I'm definitely adding your cheery blog to "regulars."


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