Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lent on Tuesdays on Wordy Wednesday- grumbling

Did I tell you that I gave up grumbling for Lent?
Yup.   I  know what you are thinking "Great move Greer!" That is what I think sometimes too.
As with anything of this nature, some days are better than others. Also I am learning exactly what grumbling is. I am not a grand complainer. I am optimistic by nature and so I tend to see the sunny side of most things. But I do have lots of little thoughts, little grumbles and gripes that pile up. So I am trying to replace my grumbles with gratefuls. I am trying to not just see the sunny side (because honestly sometimes there isn't one) or put a positive spin on things, but instead I am trying to sort through the complaints and discontented moments and replace them with true gratefulness, even in the midst of not great situations. 

To go along with this theme, I have been listening to one song in particular as a sort of prayer, confession, and way of bringing my repentance*  to the table.  I have been playing the song Lay Us Low by Christa Wells  and Nicole Witt on heavy repeat.
here is a bit of the refrain/chorus

Take us down and lay us low

Leave ashes in place of gold
Life-giver sustainer
Let nothing remain of our pride
From your mountain on high
lay us low..

This is one of those songs where the music and words together just seep into your heart and bones. One without the other doesn't seem to do the piece justice.
If you are still searching for a unique or new way to connect with  and observe the season of Lent,  I would highly recommend this 5 song collection,  Image of God from Witt and Wells which has become my soundtrack for this season. Each week I will be sharing something from these beautiful songs and how they are working their way into my heart and prayers.

footnote *Why do I always hesitate to use that word? My guess is it has something to do with fire, brimstone and the manipulation by church leaders over the course of history to exert control over believers through fear and false guilt. Is it a trigger word for you or is that just me?**)
(**Does this count as grumbling?)


  1. Hehe, no its not grumbling, merely introspection. Yeah, I'm not too hot on "repentance" for the same reason. But without "repentance" we don't get the wonderful word "redemption". ;)
    I love your take on Lent. We've never observed Lent before. My oldest boy felt called to fast from computer for a month. Then we realized it was Lent! And now, here we are observing it, not really by accident but just unawares to us!

  2. repentance is not a trigger word for me at all. christ calls us to repent for our wrong doings. shoot, when my kids do wrong i want them to repent (now what did you do wrong? you need to say your sorry.) i have no problem then with the word or the idea of repentance when my actions have grieved my saviors. yes, i think that some people do focus on the repentance part and then forget to accompany that with god's grace and mercy and that fact that he has redeemed us. i can't say the word repentance without thinking the word forgiveness. so it's all beautiful to me. :)


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