Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's Smiles-Shrove Tuesday

Today in some parts of the world it is Fat Tuesday,  the day before Lent & Ash Wednesday. The day when all the serious partying culminates before all the fasting & repentance begins.
In other parts of the world (often European non-Catholic parts) today is called Shrove Tuesday or the less romantic titled Pancake Day.   The idea is to use up all those decadent ingredients -eggs, butter, sugar , that were restricted during serious Lenten fast.

If you know me at all you have probably guessed that when it comes to serious partying I will choose the Pancake tradition of the  Beads-4-Boobs tradition every time. It's not even a question.

Shrove is derived from the the term "to shrive" which means to confess.
Therefore Shrovetide is the marked time proceeding  the confessions of Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. It is also a great excuse for making pancakes for supper. And maybe eating them with Fried Chicken. If you were so inclined...which I am.

My Favorite {Easy} Pancakes

1 cup Multi-Grain Mix (I use this one)
1 cup Bisquick like mix
1 1/4  2% Milk
2 Eggs
2 tbsp Sunflower Oil

Mix well and cook up over a hot, well greased, pan until edges are crispy.
Serve with melted butter and hot syrup.


Will you be making Pancakes for dinner tonight? What about Lent? Will you or your family be observing this year?


  1. Yum! We were looking at magazines yesterday and Jac saw one cover and said "mom, that's Miles' house!" :)

  2. I want a pancake, right now!!!

  3. We had shrove waffles last night. I always seem to burn the pancakes. Giving up fast food for Lent.

  4. oh yum...this looks divine. I love pancakes or any breakfast food for that matter for dinner...I grew up having breakfast for dinner quite often as a kid. Today though I am having waffles for lunch...Have a great week, Mica at The Child's Paper


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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