Friday, February 10, 2012

Fly Away Fridays- Chocolat

(click on images for locations)

For this week's fly away getaway I propose we fly straight into France and nestle ourselves into a Chocolat inspired existence. What do you say?  Shall we go?

We could walk down old cobblestone streets and get lost a midst the maze of ancient buildings, all crumbly and dreamy.

We could dance with perfectly charming gypsies and drink a smidgen too much wine. 

We can shop for amazing vintage finds. After all if it is French that means it is that much cooler right? 

Then we could go for a picnic with our handsome gypsies, who would serenade us in non-cheesy ways.

Of course our picnic would be packed in only the cutest baskets, filled with only the cutest linens and thermos of soup, with crust bread to go along. 

When not hanging out with our gypsies we would find this shop and plant ourselves  there all day. I would get to know the locals and learn funny french sayings and you would make pals with all the dogs and spend hours sketching all the funny shoes the old grand dames wear.

And we would eat chocolate. Lots and lots of amazing chocolate.
We would eat it, drink it, bathe in it if they would let us...

And on our last night we would be throw a great party, a huge feast, to thank everyone for their hospitality. We would cook all the dishes we had been taught in the kitchen of the old french chef, blinded by old age, who was glad for our hands and eyes to help him bring his masterpieces back to life.

We would also, in our charming American way create the french flag out of cheese and grapes, paying tribute to the magical time we have had.


If I was living Chocolat...


  1. Oui! Moi aussi, s'il vous plait!

  2. Would love to take a trip to the land of Chocolat! Excellent movie. Johnny was so... dreamy in it. And chocolate itself, of course, is such a yummy treat. Especially on a Friday...

  3. god yes, take me with you. NOW. And if we can't go, just send everything in each of those photos, especially the gorgeous gypsy.....because duh.

    also, so I don't have to google it & figure it out on my own, how are you (and everyone else on the planet) doing the digital mood-board thingies? As if I actually blog anymore.... ;)


  4. oh i do love that movie! the scenery is so dreamy and the story is wonderful!!

  5. I haven't seen it, but you just gave me the movie to watch right now (v-day). Oh, watching Johnny is a trip by itself! :)

  6. I love that movie sooo much... johnny depp as his best, hottest self!


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