Thursday, February 23, 2012

antsy pantsy

Well I have many things to say. Lots of thoughts rambling around in my head.
But I keep getting distracted thinking about how I would like a new camera.
But that is not a high priority. And I am not complaining. I am just, well I think antsy is the word...Yes. I am antsy.

The past 10 days were exhausting and beastly but productive.
I am taking the next few days off to regroup, hopefully take some good pics in decent light and come back Monday refreshed and inspired.
                 And then maybe I can show you what all I have been up to lately...

Till then,
all my love


  1. I will satisfy myself with the shot of that table and that swoony bench and all that mismatched goodness (not to mention those handsome boys). Can't wait to see what you've been doing. Hurry back, ok?

  2. I'm glad to hear that you're going to have a real Sabbath this weekend! :)


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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