Friday, January 20, 2012

The week in review- The Highlight reel

Last Friday was the Middle School dance. The theme was Phanom of the Opera and it was a "masquarade." Wylie originaly had an eye patch on as part of his get-up but it was too hard to moon walk and do the ChaCha Cha with it on, so it had to go. I love his outfit. I offered him two choices for the dance- one was traditional and one was this. When I showed him this one he said "That one is funny which is my style."    I can't believe he is in 6th grade.  But he is such a good kid. Kind, big hearted, smart and funny.  His own person. I am a proud momma.

Saturday I went to the grocery store. And I stood in line for 22 minutes behind a couponer. There were so many problems they had to send her to another register. I was so tired I almost sat down on the floor. Miles did.   We are doing good on the cooking at home for dinner - and healthy too. Last night was baked potato night- always a fav with everyone. But I feel like I always miss something at the grocery store. If I ever become a billionaire I am hiring a grocery shopper/meal planner person. Who sweeps. And does laundry. 

I can't remember when or why I took this. But look at those cheeks. He still has his baby cheeks. Sweet, sweet boy. 

Saturday night my gracious and compassionate in-laws took the boys for a sleepover so that Sweet Man and I could finish all the work we needed to do before the Open House. We also took advantage of the situation to go grab some dinner and a drink. Somewhere along the way, after we had kids, we started going to uber-generic chain restaurants and sitting at the bar on our date nights. Probably because we never plan ahead and so the really great restaurants are filled up and because I generally want a steak. Also when we sit at the bar it feels more  like a date. We aren't old, tired, responsible adults trapping our children by sitting in a booth, playing man-to-man defense, insisting on waters all around, and breaking up feuds over the last fry. When we sit at the bar we are close enough to touch. To flirt, to swivel and look each other eye to eye. We can people watch and laugh and make friends with the often overworked bar-tender.  It's always a great time and I highly recommend it if your married-dating life needs a little pick-me up.

Sunday was the Open House and the Inspection at the farm.
Jeanetta and Ben met us out there. Thank God for best friends. Seriously. 
I mean how could I be anything other than happy and optimistic looking into that face?

The farm was lovely and perfect and magical as always. Keep those prayers going! We got some good news today on the financial front and will know more Monday... I will keep you all posted.

Monday I stayed in bed almost the whole day.
Except for when I fixed my space bar on the lap top. I am notoriously hard on electronics and recently, trying to fix my wonky space bar I broke it completely. I made due for a while with just the little nubby rubber bit that was left, but then that fell off too. So I had to get creative. A Lego, a hot glue gun and a cut up pencil eraser later I had a new space bar. Voila! It has worked pretty good so far. Course I would have loved it if the Lego was pink...

Tuesday we had dinner with my in-laws and my MIL made her amazing banana pudding. So so yummy. I have had a tiny bowl every night since. And that pretty much sums up the rest of the week since I have been dog tired. 
Work. Banana Pudding. Bed. 

I've had better weeks but I have also had much worse weeks so I can't complain.
How was your week?


  1. I was already having an emotional morning (no sure why, except that it's friday & I hate fridays) and have been fighting back the tears for the past half hour.And now that I've read this post, the tears cannot be stopped.

    Starting with remembering our epic mini-vacay to Seattle to see Phantom of the Opera....when we stayed with Amanda (I really need to look that girl up....) & then took the train to Portland & stayed with my grandparents (god, I miss them), & then we wound up seeing Carrie at the gate at the Seattle airport waiting for our flight back home to Juneau. I will always treasure that trip. One of my most favorite photos of myself was one that one of you girls took while we were in downtown Seattle by Pike's Place. I was wearing my "new" prized possession, a black vintage pea-type-coat, I was walking slightly in front of you girls for some reason, and whoever took the shot called at me turn around, and it was just one of those great, unplanned photos (as far as I remember, anyway!) where I was genuinely happy and you could see it all over my face.

    And Milesy's cherup cheeks....another most favorite photo ever is one I took of him when I came to visit August 2007. He was glowing in the early morning sunlight, especially his cheeks :) Another trip I will never forget, one where I tracked down someone at the grocery store to let me into the locked pregnancy test cabinet, drank a cocktail after getting a negative result, and then the next morning, hands shaking as I grinned and wordlessly handed you a stick I successfully peed on to make a pink stripe (or was it two?) appear. You, my bosom friend, were the very first person to know I was with child.

    And, I'm so, so happy that wonderful, amazing things are happening in your life. You have worked so hard to create the life you wanted, and you have a true partner in Nate to accomplish every dream you ever wanted, and those dreams you never knew existed.

    now, I must go refill my coffee before my meeting that starts in 2 minutes ;)

    I love you, chica.

  2. I have to say the restaurant booth and waters all around comment hit a little too close to home for me. I'm so craving a date night with my man. They are so rare for us right now since I our live in babysitter started college, works and has a social life. We have to make due but I think I'm going to see if I can get her to give her poor 'ol mommy and daddy a break.

    Hoping and praying for good financial news. And an offer on your house wouldn't be too shabby either.


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