Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Tuesday Smiles- rainbow brights

The weather is weird around here. Balmy almost. The days start off warm and then the temp drops 10 degrees by lunch, but then it is back up in the morning. Rain showers off and on. Are we in Florida? Did I miss a memo?  Where is winter?\  I know it will show up eventually. Probably about the time Spring is typically scheduled to arrive huh? So is the weather in Arkansas.
But enough about the weather.  Today for some random smiles in  I thought I would brighten things up a bit and show you a few of my favorite winter rainbows via  Pinterest.

Felted soaps from the Twisted Purl

Crochet necklace/scarf from ing-things 

Ok so this cake has nothing to do with Winter other than I ADORE it.
It is so happy and yummy looking. And I think I have figured out a simple way to make it...fingers crossed. If it works I will let you know...

Hope your Tuesday has many other random smiles!

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