Monday, January 30, 2012

Random Tuesday Smiles- My Maw

This is my Maw.  I adore her and she adores me.
On Saturday she and my Paw paid us a surprise visit. It was the best excuse ever to ignore my chores.  

There is nothing as magical in the whole world as a grandparent who thinks you are the bees knees.
Isn't she lovely? 


  1. She is she is beautiful, and what a comfort photo with her sitting right next to the fireplace, great times...perfect memories!

  2. yep, you are right! My g'mother thought that of me and it means more to me than almost anything. You are so blessed to have that!

  3. Yes, she's lovely indeed. A grandmother is a beautiful treasure, that's for sure. Adored both of mine, and they loved me lots right back!

  4. She IS lovely! Do you think she will adopt me?


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