Sunday, January 22, 2012

make do {and make lovely} mondays- this is why I blog

  A year ago we went and stayed with our friends Jeanetta and Ben and their kiddos.
Ben and Jeanetta live a little bit in the country. Enough so that Sweet Man and Ben could walk about the front door with guns and thermos' of coffee and get lost in the woods.
I have never seen Sweet Man so relaxed, engaged or happy.
I knew that weekend that we would move to the country someday.

My life is like this basket of alphabet blocks. Often it feels like a jumbled mess.
I can't make heads or tail of it. The options are limitless and overwhelming and yet most days I can't quite put together the story I want to write because of a missing letter.
There are days when it feels like my life is a bowl full of A's and all I really want is an E.
And then there are days when I turn the basket upside down and all the blocks land in perfect order, spelling out the happiest of surprises. Mostly I only get bits of the story at a time. One letter, one word, maybe a whole sentence. Rarely a complete paragraph.

A year ago the basket turned upside down and the story began. The country.
That was all. No time, no location, no "how." Just two words.

Since then that story has grown, the letters continue to build. The word Farm has been added to the tale and there are  lots of half-formed words waiting to be finished, scattered around. I think I know what they will be but I am still not sure.  I hope, I dream, I pray, I guess; I am curious. Are they what I think they are? Are there other words I cannot see yet? 

 I look back at that post I wrote on January 17 of last year and I am so grateful that I unknowingly marked the date. The date our story  to move to the country  began in earnest. This is one of the reason's I blog. To connect the dots. To look at my story every now and then and see how things have changed, progressed, altered. To see it all cumulatively. To give thanks for this wild and precious life I have been blessed with. 

I have no idea how this story that began a year ago will end or what the next chapter will hold. But if the archives of this blog are any indication, somehow it will all be as it should.
 Block-basket turnover and all.


  1. Well said Jerusalem. Your blog is so inspiring. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. These words are strung along so well!
    What a great post!
    Happy Monday Lady!!

  3. Great to meet you. This post is awesome... a true gift you have with words.:)

  4. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Patience grasshopper, what will be will be....

  5. so beautifully said...and so glad i found you!

  6. beautiful - glad you blog, cause now I found you too1

  7. so happy to "meet" you! i can't wait to get to know you better on your blog. i dream of living in the country. for now, i'll roll vicariously though you!
    ps found you from heather's blog :)

  8. God is good and His timing is perfect. I know you will be blessed. Hang in there. I think of you often when I walk my dog in the fields and think how God works. Who knew I'd get to live in a vintage farm house on a farm I don't have to work LOL! I'm praying for you often!


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