Monday, January 30, 2012

make do and make lovely monday-lightening it up

Getting the house ready to sell has been an ongoing project. There was the big push for the listing and then the Open House and now there is just a lot of little bits that we keep plugging away at. Trying to make a good impression on potential buyers, trying to put our happiest and most cheerful foot forward.

Our budget for improvements has been almost nill since we are scrimping our pennies for the move and improvements for the farmhouse, so we have been trying to rearrange and improve with what we have on hand. One of the first changes I made was to get rid of the big black tv armoire in the living room and replace it with this lower profile white dresser. I knew I would not be using the armoire at the farm so I figured I might as well make the change now and lighten up the living room while I was at it. The dresser came from my bedroom so there was no expense there. The TV we purchased with our garage sale funds and can now join the 21st century properly with our flat screen.

Replacing the armoire with the chest was one small change, but I love how much brighter the room is now. So much more open and airy. It's almost enough to make me change my mind about moving.
Almost, but not quite.


  1. That chest goes so well! Are you watching "The Help"?

  2. @ Molly - i was JUST goig to say the same thing! totally watching 'the help'! awesome movie!

    i adore that wreath? did you make it? any details? too cute! and love the way it's hung. of center is perfect!

    this is proof you don't need a 'tv stand' for a tv. brilliant!

  3. Love that white dresser. Looks great with the mirror and the wreath is fabulous

  4. I think it looks GREAT!
    We've had our house on the market for 6 months and I still find myself fixing and brightening things up.
    Whateverittakes! :)

  5. I love that piece in that spot! It is somehow unexpected and perfect all at once!


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