Monday, January 09, 2012

Make-Do and Make Lovely Monday-Wonderful & Overwhelming

 Saturday was our Rummage Sale and thankfully it rained during the night while everything was still under the porch, and not the next day during the sale.  Friday night I was zonked out by 9pm but that was OK because I knew that most of the real work would have to be done in the wee small hours of the morning, before even the sun had it's Jimmy Dean breakfast. Before I curled into a ball and passed out I made tags on masking tape while I re-watched parts of Downton Abby in preparation for last nights Season 2 premier (oh wasn't it delicious? maybe even better than the first??)

The next day the sun eventually came up, but not before the serious shoppers came with their flashlights and picked through things while we were still setting up. The professional's completely slay me. A couple of them kept trying to get in the house to buy stuff in there. Pretty sure we could have sold every stick of furniture we had if I had been willing to part with it for pennies. In addition to being really early, the professionals are also really *thrifty* if you catch my drift. Course I can't blame them. No one loves a rock-bottom deal more than me.

I hung some party bunting to add a festive look and to make it more party-like. If I had had time I would  have made cupcakes and popcorn too, but this was sort of a  last minute affair.
Here Wylie is taking a break between rushes. Don't you love his hat? My kids are the best ever. 
At this point most of the furniture is gone and we have resorted to using rubbermaid bins as table, also would someone tell the homeowners to bag up those leaves?  Sheesh.  

I have to tell you that this whole process has been so interesting and sometimes it feels like it is all a dream, and at times a very stressful dream. A year ago I had no inkling that this is the path my life would be on today, that I would be cleaning out my closets, selling vintage treasures and thrifted chairs right and left. That  I would  be showing my house, listing it for sale, dreaming of a farm, writing a book. You never know what is just around the corner, what is possible if you try, what life might throw at you from left field.  Of course with the amazing comes the everyday; The hard and the tough and the long, weary hours of work.  Hard work. Bone tiring work.  Most nights I go to bed so tired that I pass right out. I have a permanent kink in my right shoulder. Often I  reach levels of anxiety where I can hardly breathe because my to-do list is so long, so overwhelming.

But here I am.  And life is good. Yes, I am learning again, more than ever, what it means to  Do One Thing Now and leave the rest till it is time. Yes, this is hard and there are a lot of questions left unanswered. There are a lot of "If's" dangling all around me, like pinatas I can't burst open yet, full of possibility.  And yes, I may have sold too many chairs on Saturday and we may be eating on the floor for a few days,  but here I am. And life is still good, I promise it is. It is overwhelming and wonderful, and  regularly complicated by the sheer force of daily life that arrives each and every day, no matter what.  My life is all of that and more.  And when it get's to be too much don't fear-I have Jesus, the chickens and  Downton Abby, and really, that is more than enough. Don't you think?


  1. Can't wait to read and see all about your new adventure on the farm! I've pinned you on pinterest as one of my fav blogs :)

  2. I could write a whole comment that would evolve into a post of its own on how I'm suddenly preparing my house for (a hopefully) very quick sale, and about how it would take an entire HGTV crew to accomplish what *I* feel needs to get done to be ready for showing, and about how, GIRRRLLLLL, I FEEEEEEEEL your pain.....

    But I won't...except that I coudn't help but whine ever so briefly..... I'll let this comment be about YOU & only you, and just say that I love you, and that you are my inspiration.

    For real, yo.


  3. Your sale was fantastic fun and I only wish I could have stopped by earlier in the day! Best of luck in everything your family has planned this year! I cannot wait to start seeing farm fun from you ^_^

  4. I'm hoping to do another yard sale but not looking forward to some of the customers! I had a sale a while back and one person arrived well before the time I had on my signs. She then proceeded to throw a fit about things not being on the tables yet.
    When we went around the neighborhood to take our signs down we found them all pulled out of the ground and laid flat.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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