Friday, January 13, 2012

Fly Away Fridays- wistful

Today I am wistful for the farm. I want to flyaway there now.  I want to go tromp over the hill, round up some goats, stare out at the sunset over the next rolling ridge, and breathe it all in deeply. I want to lay in the field and stare at the clouds. 
And I want it to be mine. Now. 
Every now and then I have some trouble finding my patience and holding on. I don't mean to be whiny or ungrateful or even impatient. It's just that I miss it. I miss something I have never even had. How loco is that?

Sunday we go out to do the inspection at the farm while our realtor host an Open House at our place.
I cannot wait. It sounds wacky to type out-loud but I am pretty sure that my bones are achy for it. 
The last time I felt this way I was pregnant with Miles. I could not wait to hold him, to feel his skin, to see his eyes look into mine, to know him.
I know the farm is just that ,a farm. Land, house, pond.  I know it is probably crazy to feel this bone achy-ness for a piece of property. 
But somehow I think you will understand completely. You get it don't you? 
(I knew you would.)


  1. I totally understand! I feel that way about retirement! There are so many things I want to try as far as cooking and crafting, but there just aren't enough hours In a day! Oh, we'll, someday!

  2. Totally get it. Totally. ;)

  3. Being in the country or the mountains brings me a peace I can't find in the city. It's a place of worship for me that comes so easy and naturally. Can't wait to hear more about the farm. :)

  4. OF COURSE we get it, silly!


  5. Hey sweet girl, I was diving into my archives and came across your post I wrote many years ago. I think of you every Christmas when I pull out my Merry Christmas Glittered banner. Love it!
    I noticed that you have an old featured button with a bad link. If you email me, I'll send you a new one.
    Hope all is well!

  6. I totally get it and right now my biggest wish is for your dreams to come true my sweet friend.


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