Monday, February 28, 2011

from the archives: yarncakes

 This is how I felt for most of the weekend.
A little off kilter. A little sideways with myself.
Bitter Discontent tried to make her home in my heart.
For a while I let her in, offered her some coffee and a cookie. Listen to what she had to say.
But she is very demanding and soon I could see all she was doing was crowding out Love, Joy and Hope.
And despite my ungrateful thoughts and attititude at that moment, I really do like having Love, Joy and Hope around.. So I showed Bitter Discontent the door.
But I was still a little sideways.

 The point of all that is to say I didn't get half any of the projects done this weekend that I intended to. And I didn't take a single picture to post. So today we are pulling from the archives to find a little inspiration.
2007 to be exact.

Over the years of having an Etsy site and small local shoppe for a while I have found that some of my personal favorite creations are not always the best sellers. They often get rave reviews but no one really buys them. I am sure there is a very solid and studied reason for this, but I don't really want to know what it is (see why I am not a great business person in this area?) I just know it is true.
  YarnCakes are a prime example of this.  I just love this little collection of embellished yarn balls all nestled together in a cupcake tin. I think this was a Spring/Easter project.Everyone thought YarnCakes were adorable, but few sold.

Maybe this is idea was better as a craft project than a retail item?
If you want to make your own YarnCakes all you need is a bunch of yarn - thrifted, new, etc.
Some buttons
Some pearl-ended straight pins
Some fluffy Easter Chicks
a Cup Cake Tin
and a little bit of Easter Grass
and hot glue 
I would watch tv and turn my yarn into balls of various sizes. 
Then you just attach the buttons using the straight pins
Next hot glue (a little dab will do ya) your Easter Chick onto a few of the bigger yarn balls.
Next, nestle everything together in the tin, adding Easter Grass as you go.

Friday, February 25, 2011

weekend traveler

I want to get away for a bit - want to go with me? Let's go to Mexico.
Mexico as inspired by Beverly Donofrio in Looking for Mary and  Jeanne Ralston in a magazine article and at the end of The Unlikely Lavender Queen ...


Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today it is time to sit and wait.
To listen & accept.
To give away what is not mine to begin with, 
 To see if it takes flight.

I feel a little bit like the little girl in the window -
I am peering around the corner, curious, but not quite ready to come out to play.

Maybe tomorrow...

Till then,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this is how we do it

Recently some very lovely, talented and funny ladies started a new blog called Southern Girl Academy
which is all about how to be a Southern Girl.

Today I am the guest lecturer and my topic is Crafting 101.
President Kerri told me to bring the sass.
All I can say is, I tried.

Monday, February 21, 2011

what i saw

Yesterday I needed a pick-me up.
I had a headache, I was feeling very overwhelmed by a lot of things and I just needed something to brighten my mood.

So I picked up my camera and went on a Happy Scavenger Hunt.
This is what I found:

Happy Spring pillows on the porch.

Rainbow collection on the kitchen table.

 Lemons. Oh how I love the smell of citrus. I think I could walk around holding a lemon up to my nose all day and be just happy as a clam.

All things.
Ok. I got it.
I think this may need to be my mantra today.

random monday assortment

there is a new poster in the shoppe.
if I ever get a tattoo this will be it.
but I probably won't.

I would love to find an old church like this and move it to some acrage in the country and then gut it and re-make it into a home. Open and airy with beams and rafters and painted wood floors.
If nothing else, I at least want those gothic arch windows.
I am obssessed with gothic arch windows for houses.

This picture is from Pioneer Woman and it makes me want to move to the country NOW.

OK that is all.
Happy Monday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

be the change

I'm all about the change and I am guest posting about it over at Annalea's for the day...

ps - are you making one little change?

in the closets

so yesterday after my messy truth post I went looking for some closet inspiration.
Here is what I found: 

First I found this California Closet pic. I think I actually have an add with this pantry cut out of a magazine and glued into my "inspiration" notebook.

I also found this picture which is the other side of the pantry.
I just love how fresh and happy this kitchen seems.

This is another California Closet picture. While I love the craft storate and all the colors, I just cannot see keeping my craft supplies and wrapping paper in my kitchen.
Somehow I imagine that all my gifts would leave my house with spaghettis sauce and little bits of bannana stuck to them. Eww gross.

This is the closet of my dreams. Except of course the clothes would be all over the floor as well.
And I would have a bench in the middle for sitting on.
I am pretty sure if I had a closet like this, I would hide in it daily with a good book and a box of chocolates.

I am also a big fan of turning not so great closests into other useful spaces.
Love these nooks in a kids room that I found over at Ohdeeoh

Speaking of kids rooms, I know this is a garage but I am drawing lots of inspration from this for the boys room re-do next year.
They have reached the stage of play where it is all about Lego's, Army Men Battles and Making Things. Something like this just seems perfect don't you think?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the messy truth

My life, my house, my mothering skills.
They are far from perfect.

This is the view from my bed most nights.
That is my dresser and those are my clothes strewn everywhere..
I have a confession - I kinda like a messy bedroom.
Except when I have company coming of course.

I think it stems from some teenage place deep inside. My dorm room looked like this, as did my room at home through most of my adolescent years. The mess is mostly clothes and books and shoes. It's not empty pizza boxes or trash or other gross things. No, it's just clothes.

I have a dream. My dream is for a huge walk in closet that I can keep messy like this.
Not Oprah size, just big enough for all my clothes plus maybe a narrow bench in the middle and a dresser against the back wall.
I know it is frivilous dream and I would not say that it is a priority by any means.
But maybe someday...

In the meantime, I think I will go ahead and come clean about some other of my imperfections, some other messy truths:

*Confession: I can't seem to get a hold of the reins of my eating habits.
My One Little Change for Febuary is supposed to be tracking what I eat and eating healthier. I did great for a whole week until the snow came and through me off my scheduled, followed by Valentines Day and a slightly stressful week at work. Which meant back to random face stuffing and not-helpful cravings like Fried Okra, followed by days on end of students bringing me cookies and cupcakes and chocolate.
But I am resolved. Febuary is not over yet. I am going to try again today.

*Confession: Last night I let Miles eat 2 lunch size bags of potato chips and a bowl of cereal for dinner.

*Confession: My kids room smells like the zoo on a warm day because all the critter cages are so overdue for a cleaning. I am trying to get the boys to take all of the responsiblity for this chore, but what that really means is that I have to be the Overseer of the chore and we all know that it is harder to tell/watch/monitor kids do their chores than to just do them ourselves. But if I do it for them instead of teaching them they will grow up to be terrible husbands.

*Confession: I told Sweet Man to shut-up in front of the kids the other day.  Not a great moment obviously.
I did apologize later. But still.

So there you have it.
My messy truths. They are what they are.
Thank God for grace.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Because the Snow Melted

Let's have a POSTER Sale!

Now only $10 and ready to ship

Click here to purchase

reading, listening, wanting

I am reading this now. I have been dying to forever, and a few weekends ago I found it for $3 at Big Lots.
Man I love that store.
So far it is precious and whimisical and I cannot wait to get further in. In fact I would like to spend today wrapped in my favorite blanket, reading this book. But alas, I must be a productive citizen of society instead.

This book I just started on my Kindle for iPhone. There are tons of free books on there - classics and  works that are now in the public domain.
I kind of feel like I need to get caught up on classics before I need to start spending money to download new books, so this is where I am starting.
Have you read this? What did you think?

Since I fell in love with the Masterpiece Series last year I have been wanting to read this book.
I recently found the best app for my phone that allowes me to listen to hundreds (maybe thousands?) of great audio books read by volunteers at Librivox.
So far the ladies of Cranford have joined me as I have folded laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cooked dinner and sorted through stacks of books in the boys room.

This is one of those books I always head for when I go to the bookstore.
I haven't yet found the pennies to pay for my own copy. Coffee table books are hard to justify, so I am bidding my time for that perfect combination of timing, sale price and gift card.

Since I have absolutely adored Tessa's other book Falling Cloudberries so much, I am anxious to get the rest of her collection.
The chapters in this book are divided up by color.
Can you imagine anything more well suited for me?
 And those shoes on the cover. I want those shoes.
So that is what I am reading, listening to and wanting to read.
What about you?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

snow critter faith

I thought I was glad to be done with snow days.

And then I got up this morning.

All I wanted to do was sit and read and write and drink coffees and have deep brooding thoughts. Stare at my navel, off into the distance, down into my coffee cup, out the window... For hours. Alone.
Did I suddenly landed back in 1991? With my 16 year old self? What was she doing showing up now?
I blame the snow. When I was 16 I lived in a land of snow and rain and gray skies.
And I was very deep and brooding, full poetry and torment back then.
In the age of Grunge I would have never taken my stuffed animals outside for a snow photo shoot.
What silliness.
What childish behavior.

Luckily I grew up and learned how to have fun.
  Potter is glad too.
And so is Lamby.

And Mitzy was so happy she made Snow Angels for hours on end.

This morning, over at Common Prayer, I read the following
"Shepherd us, Lord, with a faithful heart : and guide us in the way of truth."

I thought again about my 16 year old self. I thought about how faithful God's heart was to me then, and has remained still.  How much I felt his love even when I was being ridciously self-centered, inwardly focused, whiny and filled with faux-angst.
You know, like yesterday.

I am also very grateful that He has - and continues to- guide me in truth. Even when I miss it, His truth is still there. It is still real and it is still just as much for me as it was for David or Jacob or Jospeh.
 And it is often, almost always, unexpected and much less scary than I imagine it to be.
Like the great truth that Being Silly Can Make Your Heart Happy.
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