Friday, December 02, 2011

Too Many Mittens - Weekend Christmas Project

If you have been around ye old  blog for a while you might remember this project from a year or two or three ago. A simple project that can be easily done with the kiddos over the weekend.

When I was little I loved this book., Too Many Mittens.  I was enchanted by the illustrations of mitten, after mitten hanging on the clothes line and a story that included  a helpful grandma and creative children. I also loved how  a lost found mitten line springing up out of the kindness of neighbors, and I have always dreamed of finding a way to create my own lost mitten line in my front yard.

 Until that day comes, I will happily make do with my crafty paper version inside the house. Using scrapbook paper scraps and bakers twine I  put together my own little mitten garland  to adorn (isn't that a funny word?) my lovely mantle. 

The project was so easy and cute that, in the spirit of Too Many Mittens, I thought I would whip up a pattern and share it with you, my Blogland neighbors. 

So here is a little pattern and instructions. Just print the image above, increasing the size as you like, and following the directions next to the pattern. Easy peasy.

(By the way - I made my deadline!! Whoop whoop! Thank you so much, so much for all your prayers and well wishes. Now I  am off for a girls weekend to celebrate)


  1. Oh,how I love this! I actually collect mitten ornaments. I think I may actually do a separate tree of just those ornaments.

    I have another tutorial using old print. I feel some crafting coming on this weekend.
    Happy Friday

  2. What a cute book!!!

    sandy toe

  3. I remember getting this book from the library and reading it to my girls when they were little. We loved it too. Thank you for that sweet, sweet memory!


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