Monday, December 19, 2011

a mini christmas tour

Now as promised, the cleaner corners of my home, all holly-ed and jolly-ed up.

Our door wreath made up of bits and pieces, odds and ends. I love how it looks against the red door. A few years ago I went through a bottle brush wreath phase. I may or may not have 2 more almost identical to this one...

Um, did I mention my bottle brush phase? Want I meant to say is that I ADORE all things bottle brush. This tall tree I found at a random flea market for $5. I think it is my new favorite.

More trees (yes one is a bottle brush, sheesh...and a little velvet sleigh. I am in-love with vintage velvet/flocked Christmas decor lately.

The happy mantle with the Chalkboard peace sign and the stockings made from a felted afgan of granny squares (thanks Mom!)

The wreathes are two layered. The bottom one is a book page wreath I made years ago, and  the top one is a vintage yarn wreath that I have never found a good home for until now. 

Vintage Putz houses on top of vintage aqua bell jars on a very dusty piano. 

Lulu all dressed up and ready for a holiday party. I think she is ready to go dancing! Every time I change her up I think of the scene in Home Alone when Kevin is dancing with the mannequin in the window to make it look like there is a party  going on. 

The Leaning Tree of Greer embracing it's full Charlie Brownness during the day. I love this tree and will keep the stump holder forever. I know it is not everyone's style but I just love to lay on the couch with no other lights on than the tree and stare into the branches.

My favorite kitchen wreath- a pistachio colored Tupperware jello mold with (another) small bottle brush wreath inside all tied together with some plaid ribbon. This wreath is pretty much my sense of humor wrapped up in a bow. I love puns and what I call "silly-cute", and it really is one of my favorite decorating tactics. Life is already too serious for somber decorating don't you think?

 Surely we all  are better off when our homes are filled with  whimsy, bits of joy,  and  lots of silly-cute that bring giggles and smiles to our everyday too-stressed out & busy lives.

At least that is what helps me get through the rougher patches....


  1. Every bit of this is charming, and I love that tree. Merry Christmas, Jerusalem!

  2. Beautiful house! I totally agree things are way too somber; we need a little Christmas now!

  3. Ok the Jello mold wreath was the decoration that really got a giggle out of me! The Tree well that is just pretty darn silly to me! But I bet each time you pass by it you get a giggle... and thats what whimsy is all about. Merry Christmas

  4. Love it all! Merry Christmas!

  5. I love looking at photos of your home - I am always smiling when I visit your blog. The stockings are fabulous and they are giving me ideas to alter my old afghan. And your tree - it really makes me smile - so whimsical and sweet. Enjoy the holidays with your family!

  6. Love love love your tree! Beautiful!

  7. I love every inch of it! I think I must find a bottle brush wreath now. I love the trees but I think I would be blessed by owning a wreath.

  8. I love Silly Cute too! Do you ever read Jonathan Adler's decorating mantras? They're the best :)


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