Monday, December 26, 2011

Fun House Christmas & Farm Update

For years and years I have wanted to decorate my little vintage tin dollhouse and this year I finally did it!
I think I may have had more fun decorating it than any other part of my actual life size house. Isn't that so the way it goes? I am already plotting what I can add   next year. I think some window treatments are in order for sure and maybe some tiny stockings or a Santa and sleigh on the roof...

Only after I took these pictures did I see the  momma girl laying on the floor by the front door. When I finally spied her I busted out laughing because friends, that momma gal is ME. I am on the floor, worn out, a little distraught, and a little excited.  Why? Because we are one big step closer to our Farm Dreams. One really big step.

But there are still some questions to answer and some hurdles to jump.
So if you think of it, please say a little prayer for this momma gal and for our family and our dream. I really do want what is best for everyone and in the right time, but I can't help but hope that this is that time...


  1. I absolutely love it. Gorgeous decorating for sure.

  2. Love it! Will say a prayer for you and your family.

  3. i've been reading your blog for a while and i think this is my first comment. your dollhouse is adorable! and i so hope you get your dream farmhouse. may 2012 be THE year :)

  4. This Is so cute and would be such fun!

  5. What fun! The house looks great!


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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