Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - on the nightstand

Welcome to Word Wednesday
Where it is all about what we are reading, singing, and quoting around my casa.


Today I thought I would share what is on our nightstands these days...

On my side of the bed:
I am reading this because it is a book that our 8th Graders read at school and I like to keep up with them. I am three fourths the way through. I had to stop because it is stressing me out.   I love this book but I can only handle so much at a time. But it is beautifully written.

On Sweet Man's side of the bed

Um, yep. This is what he is reading. We have to get have to get this man to a farm. And soon.

On Wylie's nightstand

I have to say I am glad he is working his way through something other than his Harry Potters.
Wylie reads like my dad. If he loves a book he will read it one hundred times. No lie. His Harry Potters are all threadbare and dog eared. They are his go-to books when he runs out of other reading material and he can read them in a day or two. It is crazy, but I remember those good old days when I could tear through a book in a day, if not an afternoon.

On Miles' nightstand

I love that Miles loves this book as much as he does. I am a little worried about the Halloween costumes it might inspire and the work we will have to put into them. Yikes!
Miles was so excited and anxious for this book to arrive that he created his own Magical Creature Field Guide in the meantime.  Now if I can just keep him for putting salt everywhere to ward off the goblins...


  1. I've been waiting for The Son of Neptune to come in my husband's school book order! I used to be a 5th grade teacher and LOVE his books! :) Thanks for sharing today!

  2. What a blessing that your boys love to read! While my kids *like* to read it's not what I had in mind when I thought of my kids being readers like me. I remember going to the library,getting my limit of 20 books out and having them back well before the 3 week due date. I had a lot of go to books as a kid to and even as an adult I love to reread them. Especially books by Elizabeth Enwright and Zilpha K.Snyder :)

  3. Emma is the same way with the Harry Potters and it is so foreign to me. I've never re-read a book however, there are a couple I'm considering re-reading.

  4. Howdy-I followed you over from Anna Lea Hart's blog. I'm not a good commenter but an excellent lurker! However..
    Started reading your day in the life post (love those!) and after looking up Liturgical (don't laugh) didn't think we'd have much in common. Teaches me to judge so quickly. In order to get my son up at the crack of dawn to go to this amazing magical park I remind him how the rolling leaf scattered tiny bridge dotted walking paths look just like Spiderwick and you never know...
    Then you had to talk Midsomer Murder..I am sadly almost done and have been savoring the last few...their is always Inspector Lewis which I love....
    Anyway, thank you for your post. I learned something new and enjoyed it.


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