Tuesday, October 18, 2011

today I am

(image found HERE)

Today I am filled to the brim with gratefulness for
*The rainy cold weather
*Cheery Red rain boots
*My sister Jemimah coming home this weekend
*Friends who go along with my crazy ideas
*My sweet Sweet Man
*Your prayers and encouragement
*The biggest photo shoots for the book are over
*Martha Stewart


  1. I confess to being a longtime lurker to your blog. But this on Martha! I really enjoy reading your words and am lookingforward to the book. Thanks

  2. You have an excellent list. On hard days, I like to make these kinds of lists. It is a reminder that the good in my life always outweighs the bad. I mean, really, how can you be grumpy when you're looking at Cheery Red rain boots!


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