Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Confessions - The Ghost of Halloween Past

Welcome to Thursday's Confessions. A weekly feature where I confess, before you my sisters and brothers, the silly, the ridiculous and even at times the shameful. Why? Because confession is good for the soul. Even in Blogland

Confession: I used to have a shop. Albeit a small shop. Ok, it was a one-room shop with my craft sister Jeanetta. But it was still a shop. And it was cute, and it was ours.

In our little shop we were able to play out all our crafty dreams. Especially around holidays.

We took simple, thrifted and inexpensive finds and turned them into magical creations. Polka-dotted pumpkins and happy haunted houses were just the tip toppy of our crafty dreams.

But eventually the spider came and sat down beside us. The economy turned,   our children all went to school, and we both found ourselves in need of more consistent paychecks and jobs outside our homes. We tried to juggle the shop and our jobs and our families, but it didn't take long to figure out that it was more than even we, super-craft-women that we are could pull off. So we closed the shop.

 In general I am happy not to have the shop anymore (something I never imagined I would say. Ever.) But every now and then, especially in the fall, around Halloween, I grow nostalgic for those days. For the time I got to spend with Jeanetta, setting it all up, conferring over what we would be making next, comparing fabrics, papers and glitter types. Laughing about how we couldn't tell the glitter flecks from the pepper flecks on our dining room tables.

Having the shop was a dream of ours and I am so grateful that we got to do it. This year, when I haven't even been able to get nary a fake pumpkin or a single spider hung I am especially grateful for the pictures and the memories, and the very bold reminder that for everything - even dreams and decorating- there is a season, and sometimes it is a shorter season, and sometimes it is a long season. 
What I wanted, needed, loved then was having a shop. Those are not the things I want, need or love now. And give me another five years and I bet a lot of my wants, needs and loves will change again.  This is something I need to remember now more than ever .

Cheers and Blessings Friends


  1. Well said.....thinking back 5 years ago I can say my dreams then are quite different from my dreams now.

    Those items are gorgeous though!

  2. Just found your sweet blog and I am in LOVE! xoxoxoxo Hugs for a great weekend. Off to follow.


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