Friday, October 21, 2011

Fly Away Fridays- Camping

I thought it would be fun to start a regular Friday feature that is all about dream  getaways... Kind of a bucket list/inspiration list of places that I want to go, things I want to do... Want to come along?

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Next weekend, our little family is planning a little road trip.

We are loading up and heading out. Course our SUV is not as cute as this. And we do plan on taking people with us and not just cute vintage thermos', pompoms and a puppy dog.

See the tents that are not tepees? That is where we are going.
And we are on the water. Camping on the water may be my most favorite thing in the world and I am excited about trying  these "rent-a-camp" tents (the tepees were all taken this time, but we will try them eventually!)

I wish I had a whole stack of vintage Coleman to take, but I do have the little thermos cooler. Let's just say it is the first piece in my collection  instead of the only piece.

I am also plotting my own version of this. I am curious to see if it can be done with store bought dough for the sake of convenience. I will keep you posted.

I am also hoping to get some stitching done as I have been so busy with other projects that my stitching bag has begun to gather dust.

Knock on wood and prayers said, the weather is looking promising. Cold but not too cold. Sunny and clear.
Our little family needs this and I cannot wait to fly away.

In other news, are you following Shannan's 31 Days of Letting Go Post? 
I am loving this series by my sweet friend. Go check it out if you can!


  1. Enjoy...It's nice to get away from daily routine now and then - I am sure the boys will love it

  2. We LOVE camping! And we've done the teepee was interesting. The boys loved it of course!
    And the campfire bread is now a staple on our camping trips! It's so yummy! The dough is super easy! I mix up the dry ingredients beforehand and take the olive oil with us. We LOVE it!
    And the vintage camping stuff was all the rage at The Farm Chicks show earlier this summer. Hope you can find more to complete your collection!
    Have fun on your roadtrip!

  3. Where is this? It looks wonderful!!!!!!

  4. Have a fabulous time. My favorite family memories are from camping trips in Vermont. I bet packaged dough will work just fine. Can't wait to hear how it goes.


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