Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mrs. Blewitt and Me

My sister read my blog recently and said " you sure do use the phrase 'worn out' a lot."
OK, so maybe I do. I don't mean too. It is just that sometimes, let's be honest,  I  feel plumb worn out . Do you remember that line from Mrs. Blewett in Anne of Green Gables? I think of her every time I say it, and I imagine my face to be as wrinkly and crinkly as hers was, my look just as sour.
Sometimes it is just the unpretty truth. I am plumb worn out and that is just how it is.
I am a wife and a momma and writer and a pastor and I have a full time job just for kicks (and the check too, let's be honest.) So yeah, um I get worn out. Plumb worn out. But I don't have to be an old bitty about it do I? Friday night and Saturday morning I  made a decision to send Mrs. Blewitt on a little vacation - perhaps if the poor gal got away for a bit she might be able to  smile instead of frown, laugh instead of cry. So that is what we did. Mrs. Blewitt and I got away.

Our weekend started with Fried Brie.
How can you go wrong when you start things off with fried brie??
I wonder if they fry brie anywhere else, or if this is just a southern thing. Perhaps the French would be appalled? Well, one bite would set them straight.

We were able to get away with the most fun group of girls, for a little R & R at a beautiful lakeside home that also has a sparkly pool.  I spent as much time as I could laying in this pool, and let it's healing waters sooth me.I am instantly happy when I am in a pool. No matter what else is going on, I cannot help but be content, floating around on a raft or on my back, staring at the clouds.

The trip was a birthday celebration for two of the gals, sisters-in-laws who share the same birthday and are the best of friends. How amazing is that? It has become their birthday tradition to spoil US with a relaxing night and day away from the hustle and bustle of family life and work, and to just enjoy BEING. Being still. Being silly. Being loud. Being quiet. Being lazy. 

 I was able to let go and just enjoy...my coffee, my books, reading and writing out on the balcony with a beautiful lake view. Enjoy the company of women I love and admire and who both crack me up and tug at my heart strings simultaneously. Enjoy the 9 day old baby that I held, and soaking in all the hope that comes with a fresh new life.  

So now it is Tuesday and Mrs. Blewitt has reared her ugly head and her smile has turned upside down a few times, I hate to admit. But if I take a moment and remember to think back to the Lake of Shining Waters and remember all the gifts I has been given, all the moments of joy and rest that I carry inside in me from even just this weekend,  then I can find my footing again, Mrs. Blewitt and I can call a truce and get on with our living. Gratefully, moment by moment.


  1. I find myself these day saying that I'm "done in" quite a lot. But "plum worn out" will work too.

    Glad you and Mrs Blewitt got away. Rachael Lynn and I need a break too!

  2. I'm here or there or whereever too!Don't know how it happened or when but the tired bug has bitten!! But....I'm still having fun...LOL

  3. Once I saw one of those fancy little prints they sell on etsy that said, "I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least a little bit tired." I feel like that is the story of my life. Why do we moms/women push ourselves so hard that we are exhausted? Thanks for the reminder to take a break with friends.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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