Monday, September 05, 2011

make do {and make lovely} mondays

It's up! Our lovely little laundry line is up!
(Please keep your eyes on the laundry, not the brown grassless ground. You don't see that , it is only an illusion...)

It isn't fancy, but it is mine and it cost a whole whopping $1 and some kisses for Sweet Man to help me get it tied tight.

Someone asked me why I would want a laundry line, wouldn't it be too much trouble?
For me it is the opposite of trouble. It is lovely. I love the total lack of multi-tasking. It is an utterly singular task. Hanging clothes. Taking them down. Repeat a few hours later. That is all. 
It's amazing the space it opens up in my brain for thinking and mulling and pondering and humming.

The line is all the way across the backyard, which isn't far but it isn't right out the door either, and the line is a long one with a heavy basket on my hip. After one load I knew I needed a new a solution or this was going to kill my back and ruin all the fun.
(again, please pay no attention to the areas which should have grass but don't. I forgot to call the guys with the green spray paint cans to come and spray the yard before I took these pictures.)

My make-do solution?  I combined my wheely market basket (that has been sorely neglected since my professional flea-marketing days ended,) with this great collapsible patchwork hamper I picked up on clearance a few months ago. The combination is absolutely perfect, adorable and back-pain free. 

So there you have it, a lovely clothesline for my lovely tablecloths and tea towels...and whatever else may turn up in my laundry basket!

What did you make lovely this weekend?


  1. Clothes lines are terrific! Very green and I totally get what you mean about a singular task that allows your mind to clear out enough to ruminate on a project. Too bad our neighborhood doesn't allow them. Poo.

  2. Bwa ha ha! The Cars underwear shot made me laugh! We started potty training our second son this weekend and he has Cars, too! Glad you got your line up and enjoy it so much!

  3. awe have one up and it's great to save on energy bills.
    If something needs a little fluff then a short fluff in the dryer is way better then a full dry load~ Hugs, Diane

  4. i just put up a clothes line in my backyard a few weeks ago and i love it! it reminds me of my Gran :) I also made some lovely jewelry and flower hair clips today!

  5. this made me so happy! Look at that beautiful laundry hanging up! There is something so simple about it. Glad I found your blog!

  6. Lovely clothesline (I love mine too) and lovely wheelie-cart. We do it for the smell, don't we?

  7. Nothing better than hanging out laundry on the clothesline - it's a big moneysaver and just a relaxing thing to do!! Don't like it when winter comes and I have to use the dryer!!!

  8. LOVE IT! I've been wanting a clothesline forever. I think your yard is greener than mine.

  9. i love it! we didn't have a dryer in palestine, so clotheslines were the way to go. i might try to talk jason into putting one up for us. although, i do like the option of having a dryer for rainy days and jeans. :)

  10. That patchwork hamper is so sweet! Love the line. Your tablecloths look so pretty hanging there. First day I had mine up I washed all the sheets and cloths I could get my hands on.... Hung them up and got out my camera as they swayed in the breeze! I am positive my neighbor thinks I am

  11. I love to hang laundry, although I don't do it as often as I should. There is just a nostalgic feeling that comes along with seeing laundry flapping on the line. I LOVE your cart idea. What a great way to make do!

  12. I love clothes lines! I meant to get one up this year but never got around to it. I'm all over it next year though!

  13. Long live the line!!!!

    ps - We have those same Cars undies in our hood.

    pss - Your laundry cart is brill.

  14. i love your line and i would hardly call that yard grassless. come visit me in AZ the summertime and i'll show what a grassless yard reeeeaaaalllly looks like. ;)
    oh, and i agree with shannan...your laundry cart is brill!


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