Friday, September 16, 2011

Fly-Away Fridays - The Fair

I thought it would be fun to start a regular Friday feature that is all about dream  getaways... Kind of a bucket list/inspiration list of places that I want to go, things I want to do... Want to come along?



The weather has taken a turn for the cooler today and it is absolutely wonderful. I actually believe that Fall is coming and I am perhaps more excited about it this year, than any year before.
One thing I love about fall is the State and County Fairs that start up. Not everyone loves them, but I do. I love all of it - not just the game and the rides, but the whole package.

I would love to go to some of the bigger fairs, like Iowa. Wouldn't it be fun to take a road trip to all the best fairs? Camping in between stops, taking the back roads, maybe in a great old truck?

We would have to eat either some candied or caramel apples to start things off right 

(design sponge)

followed by a hearty meal of things that come on sticks - especially the corn dogs ( my favorites!!)

(Sync Weekly)

And just to make sure we were not hungry later, we would have to each have funnel cakes, so yummy and light and rich all at once. The perfect fair treat.

There are only two rides I love -the swings are the first, they make my tummy flip every time, and I cannot help but laugh.

(my photo)
And the Ferris Wheel is my second.
 I actually prefer the old school two seaters, the smaller versions. I love to sit at the very tip top, just swaying in the breeze,  looking out over everything. It is so peaceful way up there, away from everything.
I will let you ride with  me if you promise to not talk too much. Silence is golden on the ferris wheel.
(the Fancy Farmgirl)

I don't love to play all the games, but  I do love how colorful and bright they are, how everything twinkles.
The sinage is always so fun and festive. If you love to play I will hold your purse and cheer you on, pinkie swear.


I always find the Blue Ribbon competitions great and I am completely amazed each time at how many entries there are in all the categories.
I think it would be a lot of fun to see the varieties in jams and pies and jellies across the states, don't you? I wonder if they make pepper jelly in Utah?


I love the animal barns and the 4-H petting area. The baby animals are the sweetest.
Do you think I could bring a bag big enough to sneak a baby lamb out without being caught?


The cows are great too. They always have this "oh bother" look about them, and I love that their owners hang out with them all day. Feeding them, brushing them, reading them the paper.
Oh the life of a heifer.

We would have to pack fair appropriate clothing of course. Layers for all contingencies, boots so we don't have to worry about what and where we step, and a good size bag to hold all the prizes you win on the fairway and that last bite of corn dog that I wrap up in my napkin to save for the drive back to camp.


  1. I love the mixed smell of the cooking grease and the grease they use on the rides. Something I have not experienced in some time.

    I did not know that Iowa has a big state fair. We almost moved there earlier this year.

    Have a great weekend Jerusalem.

  2. I love me some Iowa State Fair! We haven't been the past two years - too many wee kiddos. Maybe we'll see you there next August!

  3. My husband is from Iowa and my inlaws still live there. The state fair is a BIG DEAL. At least one Christmas present a year comes from there.

  4. I'm about done with the fair thing (having a booth at our local fair for over 20 years! and kids in 4H) but I LOVE the Glamping idea! I want a tent with a big bed and an outdoor claw foot tub!


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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