Tuesday, August 09, 2011

simply simple

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and fell in love.
What lovely simply birthday cakes, I just swooned.
Not that I don't love all the amazing cake creations out there. I do. But let's be real people - we cannot all be cake artist or afford beautiful fancy cakes for every occasion. Sometimes simplicity is the loveliest thing of all.

For Wylie's birthday we went the simple route. 
It was his idea to spell out his name with the sugar letters on the cupcakes, which I thought was great. 
The cupcakes were a simple box mix with a nutella/fudge frosting (another one of Wylie's request) and they were yummy, yummy, and as proof of their yuminess they were quickly gobbled up!

So am I the only one who has fallen in-love with simply simple treats like these or do you think this is catching on?


  1. Love this! It was my pleasure to have lunch at 5th & Main Cafe in historic downtown Northport, AL earlier this summer. Lunch was ok, but I splurged for dessert--a simple golden poundcake with lots of sugared strawberries scooped over and LOTS of real whipped cream! It was heavenly--and so simple!

  2. I am so with you! I went to a birthday party this weekend and the hostess had made a cake that was definitely pretty to look at. Several layers covered in smooth fondant and beautiful designs. But after just one forkful all I could think was "Just give me the simple stuff ... the stuff that actually tastes good!"

  3. I love simple cakes too! I make a point to try to make a homemade cake for all my kids' and husband's birthdays. The focus is on delicious over pretty. One year my layer cake actually fell...I told everyone it was an "avalanche cake" ha ha.

  4. I still have good intentions of doing a post (hahaha!!) of E's 3rd birthday party. When I asked what theme or color she'd like her party to be? WHITE.

    So white, it was.

    I had simple, but lovely decorations, with white cupcakes & white frosting. Aside from letting her go as crazy as she wanted with the sprinkles, it doesn't get much simpler than that!

  5. I think this is really sweet and simple, a perfect combo. Clarice


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