Monday, August 15, 2011

make do {and make lovely} mondays

Momma is not be disturbed, 

she is fixin her hair.

That's right folks! Guess who got her own vintage hair dryer chair? Me!

It is so funky and so great... I found it on a swap page on Facebook.

Every time I walk into the bedroom and see it, I grin a big goofy grin.
 A big huge thanks to my parents for picking it up and bringing it to me. They are troopers!

I have named her Myrtle.  Somehow it seems appropriate, don't you think?

 I am looking forward to hours spent reading, writing and stitching in my new chair, all the while my Myrtle dries my hair. This is my kind of multi-tasking. I am sure there will also be more  silly photo taking in the chair as well, as Myrtle has a certain appeal that cannot be ignored. Maybe it should be a new Instagram collection - everyone who comes to visit has to have a silly picture made with her.

(PS please pardon the rough grainy pictures -there was not enough sun and I was just so anxious to share it with you!)

Happy Monday!


  1. Love it! :))))Saw you over at Life Made Lovely should totally link this up over at my page:

  2. that is amazing!

  3. what a fun find!

  4. That is so fun! Loving the curls with your shorter hair cut!

  5. How fun is that?!

  6. NO WAY!! You got one?? That is so awesome!! Does it work great??

  7. i've been reading the help, and this cracks me up, i'm loving it!!

  8. How much fun is that chair! It looks cute and is functional too!


  9. Oh my word!!! LOVE Myrtle!! And she works?!?!?

  10. Hooray for Myrtle & Jerusalem!

  11. Oh my! Myrtle is fabulous! I wish I had one!

  12. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Definitely looks like a Myrtle. Love it.

  13. OK, that is just AWESOME! Hope you enjoy your new toy! And think of all the precious arm circulation you'll be saving by not having to hold a heavy dryer over your head forever! (I take laziness to new heights for the silliest reasons!)

  14. I have such memories of sitting under those when I would get perms as a little girl. I'm pretty sure I sat in one that looked just like that!

  15. Hmmmm,if Myrtle could talk,the tales she would tell!


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