Monday, August 01, 2011

Make Do {and Make Lovely} Monday

This is where I sit. everyday. just about.

For those of you who don't know, I have a day job.

I work at a school and  it just happens to also be my kids school.
This is my emotional compromise to the small bit of sadness I feel for not homeschooling.
Not that anyone would benefit if I did, I am 85% sure. But since I am a homeschooled kid myself, I have more than a bit of nostalgia for the practice. And as a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time and go for it with gusto.
But for now, I need a job and they need a school and it is a HUGE blessing that they are both together.

I am the Activity Coordinator for our school. We are an urban charter school, which means our school is an 100 year old building in the heart of downtown. Because we are a charter school we do a lot of cool and unique things. Like having someone on staff to help plan field trips and activities, handle things that have to do with dismissal, the calendar etc.  On a good day my job is sort of like being the cruise ship director and I love it.

This year I had room behind my desk for a shelf where I could put lots of use and cute items, which of course I love. I  didn't buy a single item for the shelf, instead I just gathered bits and pieces from here and there to create a happy, colorful space.
One day after it was finished, Miles came in, looked at everything and said "this is sort of like you Museum of Jerusalem's Artifacts huh?"
I had to laugh, because of course that is EXACTLY what it is.
What a smart kid!

Hope your Monday is as lovely as you are,

PS- So, where do you sit (or stand) all day?


  1. I have a day job too...
    I suppose I should be very grateful for that all things considered.

    I LOVE the photo on the top of your blog...very silly, very cute.
    VERY it.

    Thanks for the smile you've given me today while I'm at my "day job"

  2. Can't believe you actually waxed nostalgia about Homeschool. How funny. Miles is very insightful.

    Love ya,

  3. Your job sounds fun! And your space is cute.

  4. I LOVE LOVE the listen to your teacher print in the top photo. Is it your design? If so is it for sale? I am a reading teacher. So naturally I love it. I love your space with all your artifacts too!

  5. Ok, this is going to be my second year homeschooling and I'm nostalgic about putting my kids on the bus and having a few free hours to myself. Funny how life works, isn't it? ;-)

    Love your stuff.

  6. I love your space and that you made it personal and homey. I stand in front or sit among second graders all day. But, I do have a corner all my own. Plus, my classroom is delightful to look at. I think so anyway.


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