Wednesday, August 03, 2011

it's a Wednesday again.

These are just little things that are in the kitchen that I love.
Look at my little toaster! Nikki sent it too me - isn't she sweet? I love it so much I won't let the kids play with it. Hehe.  Thank you Nikki  - you are wonderful!
The cupcake liners are from Oriental Trading. I used some of them for Mile's party and the red and blue striped ones are going to be used at Wylie's party.
I think they are in the Circus/Carnival collection. I have a thing for Cupcake liners but I won't let myself buy them unless I have a plan for them.

Try not to look at the terra yellow walls.  I am so done with that wall color. 8 years is enough.  I am dying to do this color combo instead  One day I am going to get to re-do the kitchen, I have BIG, fun plans. (Sweet Man says no projects till after the book is turned in : (    Oh, to have patience.
Doesn't he know that the thing you want to do most when you have a looming deadline is do ANYTHING but write?? It is the perfect time to remodel a kitchen!

Slowly, bits and pieces at a time, life is getting back to normal at our casa.
The house is still a wreck  but I am so glad to be home each evening  that I almost don't mind. Sweet Man moved the family computer into the family room.  Now all the family media is in one room and I can keep better track of who is doing what. We may all be doing different activities but we are now able to all interact at the same time, which I love and seems to make for good family time.

This weekend is Wylie's birthday and it is a billion degrees outside so I am trying to figure out exactly what and how we are doing everything.

I am so over this heat. It is really getting old.

OK, that is all. Remember, no crying on Wednesday!


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  1. The little toaster looks right at home on your shelf!Love it :)

    I adore cupcake liners too. I got some fun circus themed ones in the $1 section at Micheal's a few months back.


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